What Happens To Your Body Within An Hour Of Drinking A Coke:

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Don’t drink cola if you want to be healthy. Consuming soft drinks is bad for so many reasons that science cannot even state all the consequences. But one thing we know for sure is that drinking Coke, as a representative of soft drinks, wreaks havoc on the human organism. What happens? Writer Wade Meredith has shown the quick progression of Coke’s assault.

The main problem is sugar. It’s an evil that the processed food industry and sugar growers don’t want people to know about. Even dietitians, financially supported by sugar growers and sugary product manufacturers, are loathe to tell us the truth.

Don’t believe that dietitians are influenced by huge corporate concerns that feed people sugar, drugs and other health-defying ingredients? Go to their official website and check out the sponsors yourself. They are right there in plain sight: http://www.eatright.org/corporatesponsors/

When somebody drinks a Coke watch what happens…

In The First 10 minutes: 10 teaspoons of sugar hit your system. (100% of your recommended daily intake.) You don’t immediately vomit from the overwhelming sweetness because phosphoric acid cuts the flavor allowing you to keep it down.

20 minutes: Your blood sugar spikes, causing an insulin burst. Your liver responds to this by turning any sugar it can get its hands on into fat. (There’s plenty of that at this particular moment).

40 minutes: Caffeine absorption is complete. Your pupils dilate, your blood pressure rises, as a response your livers dumps more sugar into your bloodstream. The adenosine receptors in your brain are now blocked preventing drowsiness.

45 minutes: Your body ups your dopamine production stimulating the pleasure centers of your brain. This is physically the same way heroin works, by the way.

>60 minutes: The phosphoric acid binds calcium, magnesium and zinc in your lower intestine, providing a further boost in metabolism. This is compounded by high doses of sugar and artificial sweeteners also increasing the urinary excretion of calcium.

>60 Minutes: The caffeine’s diuretic properties come into play. (It makes you have to pee.) It is now assured that you’ll evacuate the bonded calcium, magnesium and zinc that was headed to your bones as well as sodium, electrolyte and water.

>60 minutes: As the rave inside of you dies down you’ll start to have a sugar crash. You may become irritable and/or sluggish. You’ve also now, literally, pissed away all the water that was in the Coke. But not before infusing it with valuable nutrients your body could have used for things like even having the ability to hydrate your system or build strong bones and teeth.

So there you have it, an avalanche of destruction in a single can. Imagine drinking this day after day, week after week.

posted by Nutrition Researchers on October 24, 2007

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jimbolea 2015-09-14 19:47:46 -0500 Report

Thank you for the Valuable info, I gave up drinking sodas years ago, But I do have a fix if you need the Effervescent bubble in your drink.

I buy Club soda and any flavor Kool aid , and for the sugar I use stevia . I myself like Berry Blue, and have a Berry blue soda once in awhile. I grew up drinking cokes just about every day, going to the 7-11 and getting a Gulp then a double Gulp, Heck its a wonder why I am Alive today. Thanks Be to God.

I drink nothing but purified water today, flavored with my Chia seeds , and Lime/or lemon Juice . My glass that I use is a Pickle glass jar, holds 32 Oz , I drink about 5 - 7 glasses a day.

Auburn Bill
Auburn Bill 2011-07-18 10:49:46 -0500 Report

Thanks for the information on Coke! I grew up on milk and ihomemade iceteam and good Johnstown water from the big dams down there! Soft drinks were at wedding receptionsm family poarties, after a Y swim (the 5 cent bolttles) in the activiates roopm! Glad you pointed out the reaction to our bodies! Grandpa Bill

MOMMY_OF_AN_ANGEL 2011-03-07 11:00:33 -0600 Report

Ugh! I hate Coke (or any regular soda) for many of the reasons listed above. It makes me sick to my stomach :( I remember the first time I had a Coke, I thought I was drinking pancake syrup! lol. I LOVE my water ;)

jayabee52 2011-03-04 13:57:32 -0600 Report

As a kidney patient we were told to avoid cola & cola like drinks (Dr Pepper, Mr Pibb) because they had phosphoric acid in them. (Kidneys which are weakened have trouble with phosphorus and potassium.) I always wondered why they put the phosphoric acid in there.

But if phosphoric acid allows you to keep the overwhelmingly sweet flavor down, why isn't it in other soda drinks, like orange or Lemon lime sodas. They're as sweet, but I've looked on the ingredient labels, no P.A.

Graylin Bee
Graylin Bee 2011-07-18 16:44:18 -0500 Report

Some drinks have esther of wood rosin in them for some reason. If I forget to check for it my kidneys hurt like heck within 8 hrs. Don't know if it bothers anyone else.

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