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My daughter is 11 and was diagnosed with type 2 diabeties, she was also born with a rare metabolic disorder, she is on a low protein diet and they talk about a low carb diet for the diabeties! Problem she wouldn't be able to eat then!
Also with the glucose machine she has had a problem with false lows with the bayer contour and now uses the accu check average but I'm having trouble with getting her ins to pay for the strips, have gotten free strips from the accu check company! Also another thing is my daughters sugars r all over the place and they refuse to put her on med at this time, can this hurt her in anyway? Sugars range from 140-300!!

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realsis77 2011-03-04 10:29:04 -0600 Report

I don't understand why the doctor won't put her on a medication to help lower her sugar? High numbers can be harmful! As for the meter I also had trouble with the countour meter. I found out what strips and meter my insurance WOULD pay for and I went with that meter. I couldn't afford the strips so I just went with what's covered on my insurance! I've had no problems with it and its been a great meter! That might be an idea for you. That way all the strips are covered! You might want to take your daughter to an endro. Doctor. ( a specialist in diabetes) I'm sure then they can come up with a good treatment plan that will work for her! Id ask my GP doctor for a referral! Or just find one in the phone book.I think this would really help your daughter! You can't ignore high numbers. The specialist in diabetes would be more equiped to plan a good treatment out for her. I wish you the very best! Good luck and God bless!

momofadiabetic2 2011-03-04 05:39:49 -0600 Report

My daughter Alysa was just diagnosed in Jan. She can only use certain machines to test her sugars, but the
crazy thing is drs don't understand why? She isn't to fond of vegtables! Her diet is mostly carbs and fats bc if she doesn't get enough of those in her body they break down their own and that causes ammonia to raise in her blood and can cause serious issues!
She takes alot of meds bc of her urea cycle disorder, the drs r scared to start her on metformin bc it makes the ammonia high also can cause more damage to her liver! She is strong through it all though and we will check out the video when she gets home school! Thanks for your info!!

GabbyPA 2011-03-04 05:48:48 -0600 Report

Hmmm, I don't get that, and like Mays said, don't be afraid to question everything. Getting an "I don't know why" from your doctor may be honest, but it also means that everyone involved needs to work on finding our the answer. Most meters are pretty accurate if used properly. Make sure that it is the doctor or you who is choosing and not the insurance company.

GabbyPA 2011-03-04 05:33:18 -0600 Report

When you are 11 that kind of restriction in diet can be overwhelming. Lots of veggies and some experimenting will find ways to fill those gaps. She is going to need the whole family to be behind her with support in those changes. It will make a huge difference.

How long has she been diagnosed? The fluctuation may be an adjustment to the new changes, so hang in there with that.

I also just picked up a Reli-on meter and the strips are only $19 for 50 at Sam's Club stores. I find it to be quite accurate and the samples are small. That should help with the little one too.

Have you watched any of our carb counting videos? I bet your daughter would love to watch the Pin Cushion Guy...

MAYS 2011-03-04 04:01:16 -0600 Report

Welcome to the family!
You really should discuss the issue of your daughters medical treatment with your diabetes medical team, they may believe that because of her age and the varying range of her blood glucose numbers that she can control her diabetes with proper eating habits.

Never be afraid to ask questions of your medical team.
Have you seen a Nutritionist, Dietician, and\or a Diabetes Educator?

Accu Check has a program that allows you to pay no more than $15.00 dollars per vial of test strips as long as you have insurance, check it out.

Diabetes care is about Diabetes Education, the more you learn, and do, the better you will learn to manage your diabetes, it's a challenge but it can be done!


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