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By alanbossman Latest Reply 2011-03-06 22:05:25 -0600
Started 2011-03-03 18:41:53 -0600

If you have a kroger food store near you sometimes they offer the sharps containers 10 for $10.00. they do run out fast but you can get a rain check.

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realsis77 2011-03-04 11:18:42 -0600 Report

Very cool. I'm lucky because my city has a program where they offer free sharps containers and sharps disposal. They give out a free doctors office type sharps container that once its full they take it and give you another! Call the health department in your area to see if they have this program in your city. Its soooo nice and dosent cost a thing!

melissa5786 2011-03-04 07:27:34 -0600 Report

I thought about getting one of these, but when I had visiting nurses coming to my home on a weekly basis they all told me not to waste my time and money trying to find them. I use empty laundry detergent bottles and when they're full I recycle them. That's what they all told me to do. Easy and free.

lornadoone0354 2011-03-04 11:41:34 -0600 Report

Where do you recycle them? I live in the Kansas City, Missouri area and I am finding a hard time finding a recycling area to take mine to. I am also having a hard time finding sharps containers. The laundry bottle idea is a good one.

GabbyPA 2011-03-04 05:53:55 -0600 Report

We pick ours up at the recycle center where we drop them off. They give them to us for free as well.

whitetigress 2011-03-03 20:49:57 -0600 Report

Is there a Shoppers Drug Mart in the U.S.? I would check the pharmacies and ask if they give sharps containers. Here, the deal is, the pharmacy gives you a sharp container, you fill it up and bring it back and they give you an empty one.