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I am placed in a new realm of reality, testing five time a day, watching the clock for the 2 hour testing times, exercise to lose weight, and learning Meal Planing for Diabetes; Learning about Carbohydrates, Foods to Limit, Free Foods, Free Snacks, Almost Free Foods. Not to mentions Starches, Fruits Vegetable, Protein, Fats, amounts and serving sizes, #grams carbs per choice. Oh yet Miscellaneous Food and Eating Out also.

One is taught to limit the amount of candy, sweet rolls/pastries, sodas plus Fats and Cholesterol concerning teeth and weight. I folllow that. My family, friends and coworkers we disuss just about everthing but not Diabetes. Now when I try to disscuss it, the responds is just lay off the sugar, drink diet drinks. Or, Is diabetes a disease or a condition?

However, very little was I aware of Carbohydrates. Such as Sugar is included in "TOTAL CARBOHYDRATES" Carbohydrtes 100% turn into blood sugar within 30 to 120 mintues after eating.

Did I goof? why me? What happen did I do something worng? Where did this come from? How could I have pervent this thing condition from happening to me? Now what do I do, where do I go from here? Is it just me in my New Realm of Reality?

I am trying to remember what foods are what, Free, Limit, Almost Free Snacks; how must to eat size/protions #grams carbs per choice: Let me not forget 5 grams or more fiber along with sugar alcohol if listed etc. Hence in order not to goof sometimes I just don't eat. When I get extremely hungry I eat 1 piece of Whole Grain or Wheat bread and one small piece of fruit cut into little pieces, plus cup of tea or decaf coffee. Why, to make sure I have a good number when testing.

I have two different testing meter, the 1st was given to me during my one-on-one Nutrition training at local hospital and the 2nd one was provide by the insurance agency. The 1st meter is Plasma-calibrated and the 2nd meter is Capillary Whole blood testing. Also, the first lances at a lower number (little sting). The 2nd one I have to use a higher to lance (more of a stinging pain).

One point given the insurance pays certain amounts on the lancetts and test strips for the 2nd meter. Yet, it will only pay a certain amount on the lancets for the 1st meter the remaining portion is paid by the user, but the total cost for the test stripes is paid by the user. My concern is which is the better one for me. How are laboratory results expressed? How does each meter compare to the laboratory result is? What is consider accurate in what range?

How does one do this? Where does one test fingers, palms, forearms which is better for results? When will it or does it become less pain to test?

I needed to whispher out loud in My New Realm of Reality hoping to be heard.

Thanks for all who hear!



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jayabee52 2011-03-03 14:57:20 -0600 Report

Yes I hear you EUFA.

It sounds as though you have a good handle of many things. Diabetes ("DM") is a life long learning experience I was first Dx'd in 1995, (as I recall) so I have had DM for somewhere like 16 yrs. I'm still learning about this condition.

You are asking a lot of good questions, Some of them can be answered "it depends" on how your body reacts to the stimulus of the DM. Some of the questions may be answered "it depends" on the insurance company.

Did you goof? It's hard to tell. The current thinking among those who know about DM, is that DM has a large genetic component. So according to that thinking you didn't goof. But there is that nagging doubt at the back of our brains (at least me and a few others who have been candid enough to admit it here on DC) that there was something we might have done to head DM off.
(I went through something similar when by beloved bride died in July 2010. I had the nagging feeling that if I had only done something different, she'd be alive today. I call it an irrational belief.)

Lab results and glucometer results may be different, because they are "snapshots" of what was going on with you at that moment of time. Your A1c likewise, is a snapshot of the average of your BG#s over a 3 mo time. Since your bpdu is making and destoying blood cells every moment of every day your actual A1c changes (hopefully minimally) from one moment to another.

The lab results I have seen for me have a range I can compare the number with. Other lab reports give different ranges, or no ranges at all so the Dr can interpret the lab results for you, so you don't get freaked out by a higher or lower than "normal" reading.

I pray this answer helps you

Blessings to you nd yours!


Harlen 2011-03-02 06:50:45 -0600 Report

Hello and welcome
lancets are cheep strips are not .
I use a book cald The Calorie King it has all the carb even for eatting out
All the free foods and that stuff I do not do I only count the carbs and i am able to keep my BS good most of the time I do do things that I know thats not right from time to time lol
for lancets I usr micro fine they dont sting as much
Best wishes

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