I just don't understand these low blood sugars lately!! I don't go too low but

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I have that awful doom and gloom feeling, and dizzy or light headed spells. I've only had two lately, and my BS was good…only down to like 70 I control by diet and exercise, have no problems,and if I don' treat, it does not go away so I eat something. This morning I had oatmeal for b'fast which normally I don't need to eat anything until lunch when I"ve had that. I had some fruit in it. Just three hours later, I had to eat something else. That just seems like too short of a time span to me. I had to take my mom to the doctor, and no one else was cold but I stayed cold the entire time. It was a bit chilly outside, not much, and inside everyone felt find except me. A long time ago, my doctor told me that I was very sensitive to my BS going up or down fast, even though my numbers always stayed within a good range. Geez, I hate to think I have to keep putting up with this. It had been so long since this happened. I was wondering, those of you who like me, control by diet and exercise, does this happen to you? how low do you go? I've heard on here not to treat at 70. Thanks for any input.

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tabby9146 2011-03-02 11:11:41 -0600 Report

thats great you've been able to keep it under 6. It must be wht I eat, but I have been eating pretty much the same things all this time. I don't know.

Kirla 2011-03-01 21:54:23 -0600 Report

I pretty much keep my blood sugar between 70 and 140. Sometimes at night I get reading as low as the 60’s. A few times I measured in the upper 50’s. My lowest was 57 I believe. I haven’t had to treat a low yet. I control by diet only. I don’t like to exercise. I also haven’t experienced a false low yet either. I started with a A1C of 14.1 and have been able to keep it under 6 ever since.