Tour de cure for Diabetes my update

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Hello everyone,
It has been a while since my last update for the TOUR DE CURE ride in June in Rhode Island. I went to my endocrinologist yesterday and my latest stats are as follows.
No more AM Insulin
Lowered my Night time insulin by 1/2
Lowered my Metformin and added Actos
In 6 weeks my goal is to be off insulin.I will keep everyone updated.
Lost 30lbs,training for this ride.I am riding 100 miles to raise money for diabetes the ride is 1 of 85 across the country.I have a team of 40 individuals and is growing daily.My goal is 100 riders it will happen.
I am asking all diabetics to help sponsor me in this fight.You can go to TOUR DE CURE web page.Click on sponsor a rider.
My name is Scott Petrin,my team name is THE ROGER WILLIAMS HOSPITAL CRANKSTERS.It is the hospital I work at I am an RN. All monies raised go to The American Diabetes Association.Help me in this fight I ride for all diabetics.Thank you in advance for all your generous donations.

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