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Some diabetes info that may help some.

Most of us diabetics are having troubles to keep their readings steady.
I'm one also who has little hair on my head left because when those sudden surprises
happening, it causes me to pull my hair every time. From time to time there will be some advice that is supposed to keep me from that pulling result. Don't know if I formulated this properly but it will have to do.

One thing they tell me is to avoid the habit of eating the meat first at your evening meal before eating anything else. Any meat eaten first will block the other foods from being dissolved until the meat is gone. Meat takes longer, resulting in sugars entering often too late causing lows right after eating your dinner. I had this happening several times, could not believe that I could be low right after having had my dinner.

Then there is this little schedule telling WHEN to inject your insulin.
Based on testing your sugars 45 minutes before eating.

Below 50 When you finish your meal.
50 to 70 at mealtime.
70 to 120 15 minutes before meal time.
120 to 180 30 minutes before meal.
Over 180 45 minutes before meal time.

(If your pre-meal blood glucose level is below 70 mg/dl, eat or drink something containing sugar
right away to prevent hypoglycemia.)

If you look at Bernstein's advice you see that the more insulin you inject at one time at one site
the longer it will take to be effective. Also don't mix insulins with Lantus insulin.
Go to different sites often if you can for better absorbtion..

Now, I would like to see your opiniion about this, if you please?


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