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I drive over the road for a living. I try to eat pretty healthy while on the road but there seems to be a limit to how healthy I can eat on the road. Lol, you stuff like greens, cabbage are hard to find. Mostly a lot of Carbohydrates, which I'm told to stay away from. Anyone have any suggestion that can help?

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GabbyPA 2011-02-28 14:39:40 -0600 Report

When you say on the road, do you mean you travel for business or that you are a truck driver or something along those lines?

Keeping veggie snacks handy is a great way to keep things lite between meals. I work at a flea market on weekends now and I see the popcorn and corndogs and ice cream cones walk by...oh....sigh. So I make a tub of veggie sticks and keep them in cold water. Keeps them fresh and crunchy.

There is almost always an option of a steamed vegetable in a restaurant and eating an open face sandwich instead of a traditional one can help. Look in side dishes and find the low carb veggies and then eat a protein without the carb such as mashed potatoes or a bun. Avoid the appetizers and deserts.

Something my hubby and I have been doing now is buying a single meal and sharing it. That works as long as you both like the choice. But we have been doing that when we are out on the run mostly and it also saves us a lot of money.

veggie1962 2011-02-28 10:59:04 -0600 Report

Here are a couple of links for you. First is a list of foods to keep on hand to eat healthy while on the road:

This one is a list of fast food places with links to the nutrition info for their menus:

I don't travel much but one thing that worked well for me is dunkin donuts egg white flatbread sandwich-it was around 35 carbs.

I noticed that 7-11s were getting some healthier options and WaWa seemed to have some good grab and go stuff like eggs, hummus, veggies, fruit, yogurt.

jayabee52 2011-02-28 02:13:11 -0600 Report

Sometimes groc stores, & even truck stops have hard-boiled eggs they sell. The Walmart grocery stores around LV sell them. They are already shelled. They don't have a carb load. And like Harlen said, you can stop at grocery stores and buy celery and carrot sticks, and raw broccoli too. We just gotta see the opportunities to lower our carb intake.

Harlen 2011-02-27 21:32:17 -0600 Report

Dont stop at the truck stop but the reg store and get your raw veg and snacks that you know you can have .
It is hard to eat on the road .
Some places are a lot better then others
best wishes

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