Cumberland Island

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Hello everyone! I just got back from Cumberland Island, GA. If anyone lives near the Southeast - you should check it out. Its an island that was turned into a National Park after the Carnegie family abandoned it. There are no stores or doctors or anything on the island. The horses formerly owned by the Carnegie's are now wild and roaming around. The only way on or off is by ferry or private boat. If you miss the last ferry - you are stuck there overnight. We spent 6 hours there hiking - very fun!

As a type 1 diabetic - I thought it was interesting to see how I packed vs other tourists. I had extra meds, food for 2 days, extra water, etc and I was only there for 6 hours. It made me think what would happen if I got stuck on a deserted island.

Anyone ever been to Cumberland Island or similar deserted places?

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GabbyPA 2011-02-28 14:53:58 -0600 Report

I have done day hikes, but never on an island that I could not retreat from. I hiked a lot in the Rockies and even did a night time hike in Alaska. Though it was still day light at 11:00 pm. LOL I did all of that before I was diagnosed. But I have been places that few people have seen, and there is nothing like that thrill.

I have traveled far less since my diagnosis, but it is so true. My pack is always ready with 3 days water and energy bars. Meds, meter and all the things you might need if you got stuck somewhere at night...even toilet paper! LOL You never know. I do more camping now than just hiking, so I have more things readied for just in case.