Bipolar New Diabetic Just Now Finding Out About Diabetic Mood Swings!!

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i was born bipolar, diagnosed when i was 15, and ended up with gestational diabetes with my third pregnancy when i was 21, and again with the fourth pregnancy at 23. i've never lost any pregnancy weight, and with my mother having a seeming difficult case of type 2 diabetes, i decided it would be wise to get formally checked out to find out if i managed to inherit it from her. i was 25 at the time, but insurance failed, and i never really followed up on my situation formally with the doctor. i tried to manage things with a self diet, but little exercise, and now at 30, i feel as if things have just gotten too out of control.

The diabetes is something that has the potential of going away, but not my bipolar, and so i would like to focus on fixing the issue i have some control over. My concern is, however, when i did have the insurance, i was going to doctors for both issues, but there was not a single medical personnel who would acknowledge both diseases together.

And now with my renewed efforts to control my diabetes, i've been reading things, and one of the things i read was something about … mood swings!! Well, dammitall, i thought, now what?

Luckily in my efforts i stumbled across this community, and one of the messages in my inbox from John to welcome me here, with the suggestion to jump right in. So i am!

Can anyone empathize with this particular situation? i couldn't seem to impress upon the diabetic staff that i am bipolar, and so the basic chores, simple diets, all the things that most diabetics take for granted, get rather twisted and warped when i try to do them. That may sound a bit dramatic, but when i am depressed and don't eat for 36 hours cuz i'm sleeping, or incredibly manic and don't feel like eating, and then i gorge and consume sugars that could probably kill a small dog, and then this repeats itself erratically … you can see where i would be a bit concerned.

If anyone could give me any little hints or tips or tricks or *anything* i'd really like to get tings under control, i have four little boys i'd like to see graduate high school, maybe some grandkids, you know, all those future type things that i'd like to do!

Thank you thank you! And thank you for these forums, and making this entire thing so easy and inviting!!

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Amber Farber
Amber Farber 2011-02-27 02:23:03 -0600 Report

Something I have learned is that when I get extremely down and don't feel the umph to want to eat..and i know that at some point I am going to feast in the worst way,I try to make myself eat something healthy. At least I am eating something and even if i go right to sleep after doing so I have put something into my body that could do some better. I was diagnosed as a bipolar when i was 27 and never could understand the extreme mood swings with my D2. When you are extremely out of control try to MAKE yourself just eat something. Try the mental part first and talk yourself into getting up and getting it all done..Good luck and gods spead! We are together in it all..*HUGS*

jayabee52 2011-02-26 23:41:57 -0600 Report

Well, I am glad you're here and have taken John up and have decided to jump in! (BTW, I just sent you a "friend request", Please accept it so we may be enabled to email one another should the need arise.)

You may be able to look up any term on DC by going to the home page for discussions (click "discusions" on the left border of the page), and then type your search term in the search box on the upper right of page (green square with a spyglass on the right)

I looked up "bipolar" and found 2 pages of links to discussions where the word occurs. You might want to read some of those.

You can do much the same with the "News Articles" section too, which I did and found 2 pages of links to articles where the word is used.

I have had friends (in the real world) who were bipolar, but haven't known someone (in the real world) who were both.

Perhaps you might want to invite those in the discussions who identify as bipolar, to be your friends, and share stories & methods of coping with both "challenges" at the same time.

There is also another issue you bring up. The issue of paying for your care. You might also want to search the discussions for terms like "no insurance" or "help". There are pages of links put up by many here which may lead you to getting help to get medical care. (I'd do it now, but it's late for me here, and I'm getting sleepy, so I'd best be signing off)

God's Blessings to you and yours Queendork!


Guardianstone 2011-02-26 23:28:46 -0600 Report

Both diseases can wreck havoc alone. Together they make life suck. Doctors don't know how to deal with either, so they tend to 'NOT HEAR' what we say. My psych won't talk to my pcp or smi doctors. Check from here on join another community. It's still new.
God's love
Guardian stone