Team of young boys invent a continual monitoring device!

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This team of 9 boys ages 10-13 have researched over 75 hours together to develop a Dii ( Diabetic Information Implant). The Dii is a continuous blood glucose monitoring system that is implanted inside the body of the diabetic patient and is powered by a blood battery. The Dii communicates wirelessly to a cell phone or other personal electronic device. They actually have won the Utah Championship award and are headed to a world competition, where many leaders in the fields of Science and Technology will see and study what they have developed. They are up for a $20,000 award toward patenting their idea. You can vote for them here EVERY DAY to try and get them into the top 10. IMAGINE… a wireless, continual monitoring device… no more finger-pricking! Vote here and pass the word on!!

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