I Tried so hard!

By Hoser32 Latest Reply 2011-02-27 10:34:41 -0600
Started 2011-02-25 22:27:22 -0600

So i tried loosing weight and was sucessful and lost ten pounds but I got my A1C results today and it went up! It is now 7.2. I am at wits end and at a loss, the doctor told me to loose the weight so i dont have to do insulin. My sugars have been 130's except today they were 150's. And tips?

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kelsey25 2011-02-27 10:34:41 -0600 Report

Congrats on the 10 pound weight loss. That is huge. Try not to stress, I know easier said than done. Tomorrow will be a better day. Hugs

whitetigress 2011-02-27 09:44:08 -0600 Report

I try to remember that the A1C result or even checking your bs is a reflection of that moment. Maybe you were stressed out about something - something that was on your mind at that moment.

Dropping weight and reducing your numbers requires a wonderful combination of protein and fiber. Beans, for example, are high in fiber and protein and low in fat. I started making a 2 bean chili. I do add ground beef (which is optional). I usually use mild tasting beans like black or aduki. I do not use red kidney beans as they are very hard to digest. This is one idea that really helped me to get into the healthy range for bs.

Hoser32 2011-02-26 16:03:48 -0600 Report

Thanks everyone for the advice and Support. I am glad that I found this app for my phone. It means alot to here i am not the only one out there that struggles. Sometimes though it does. I think i am going to start all over and try something different, i was just so focused on loosing the weight i guess it blinded me in other ways. Thank you again everyone! :-)

realsis77 2011-02-26 13:29:51 -0600 Report

Great job on loosing weight! Don't give up. But also know that not everyone can control there diabetes with diet and exercise alone. We are all different but some of us just can't do it. I take insulin and its really been a God send for me! Since I got put on insulin my numbers are wonderful and I have sooo much more engery! Insulin should not be a punishment or a threat it is a tool. A tool that is used to help lower blood sugar. Insulin was what I needed. It does not mean your a failure! Some people need the extra help. I tried diet exersice pills and nothing worked for me. The insulin worked wonderfully! Not only do I feel better, my numbers are close to perfect now. Before I was struggling my numbers were so high and I struggled and struggled before insulin. Many people fear insulin but they should not. Honestly the shots don't hurt and the control you will get over your sugar is incrediable! All my engery came back to me. I don't understand why some doctors use insulin as a threat. My doctor said its better to go on insulin soon so I could get control over my numbers. He was right. So if you can not control your diabetes with diet exercise and pills know your not alone. Many of us need different tools to help us and insulin is one of those tools! If you need insulin your not a failure . It just means you need some extra help! So don't beat yourself up if in the future you need insulin. We will all be here for you and help you anyway we can! Take care and God bless and remember we are all different and not everyone can do it with diet alone.

Graylin Bee
Graylin Bee 2011-02-26 12:19:26 -0600 Report

Congrats on the missing 10 lbs. Our bodies seem to fight us on having that darn BG under control. Needing to use insulin doesn't mean you aren't trying hard enough. It just means the diabetes needs another weapon or you to fight it with.

jayabee52 2011-02-26 12:27:10 -0600 Report

I don't know if Drs tell us that we're going to have to use insulin as a negative motivation tool or what, but that's what it seems like. Please don't stress over the raise in the A1c. Stress itself will raise your BG#s somewhat. Just go back and start with the basics you did when you had lower A1cs If you do, next time you do the A1c, it may be back down.

EJMac 2011-02-26 11:58:56 -0600 Report

Congrats on the 10 lbs-not easy at all. I too am going next wek for my A1C and I think I might be setting myself up for disappointment. I have worked very hard, but there are things that effect the numbers that we can't control. /we know we worked hard. Just think what it might have been it we didn't. On this site there are people who have had diabetes for years. I'm learning that this is a process and a journey and things change all the time. Hang in there. And insulin is not a punishment-it's a blessing if needed; in my opinion.

Nonna2Three 2011-02-26 10:40:17 -0600 Report

I don't really know the answer but I can add that I have lost about 7 lbs since being diagnosed the middle of January by eliminating sugars such as regular soda and snack cakes etc. I have also limited my carbs to 50-55 per meal. One thing I realized is that some "low fat" foods, which are typically associated with weight loss plans, are actually higher in carbs. I know there has the be a good balance between the low fat and the low carb diet but for me my main focus has been the carbs. If you use too many low fats in trying to lose weight you may be adding more carbs which will impact your sugar and A1c. Just a thought.

MewElla 2011-02-26 10:17:39 -0600 Report

Hey, I think you did a great job with the lost of 10lbs…This definitely is not easy for anyone. I agree with CaliKo, need to get a diet balanced in carbs and a exercise in place. The combination of the two help balance the blood sugars out. Don't get discouraged…it just takes time…fingers crossed for you.

CaliKo 2011-02-25 23:40:57 -0600 Report

Congrats on the 10 lb weight loss. It's a good start, and sometimes it just takes time. Have you met with a dietician or CDE yet? It's not just about the weight loss, you need to be on a meal plan that gives you a balanced amount of carbs for your weight and activity level. Exercise plus weight loss has helped me control my glucose levels. Good luck to you.

RAYT721 2011-02-25 23:25:46 -0600 Report

Hello… and welcome to Diabetic Connect. I am so happy to have found this website and the family/community that I am proud to have built friendships with.

I am sorry to hear that your doctor is threatening you with insulin as a sort of punishment for not lowering your weight or glucose levels because that is not fair to you, in my opinion. What about thin diabetics who are on insulin? Yup, there are thin diabetics.

If weight or a1c were the cure for diabetes, this would be a pretty useless website with no members. To my knowledge there are no known causes nor cures for diabetes (the disease) because while there are risk factors, they are mostly things beyond our control. What is in our control is how we eat, how we exercise and our medications whether that is oral or injectible.

I would like to see a more sensitive medical community spreading truths instead of threats and myths.

Take a deep breath and congratulate yourself for the 10 pound weight loss. Hopefully that will help motivate you to get to a target weight for your health and self-esteem. Stop beating yourself up for an increase in your a1c and/or weight and/or diet and/or exercise failures.

Be your best with your mind, body and soul. It may be to your advantage to reduce your stress in order to see a reduction in your a1c or glucose levels.

Drop me a line (invite friend) if you need to chat. We ARE family!!!