thank you family for all the prayers you have given me

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I wanted to keep you posted on what was happening with my situation. I do have a bid out on another house and it looks like it was accepted I'm just waiting on the paper work to come in. I need your prayers that the house passes inspection and appraisal now. I lost the last house by it not passing inspection and having foundational issues. Also the apprasial of the house came in lower than the loan amount wich posed another problem . This is my last chance in the time frame I have before I have to rent and use all my home buying money I saved on a rental. So please family pray for me about passing inspection and appraisal so my family can have a home and we don't loose everything we have saved for. I will keep you all posted as I promised. My numbers have been up due to stress and I really hope this goes through! Thank you all for being there for me and God bless you all! Your a wonderful family.

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Guardianstone 2011-02-27 07:48:26 -0600 Report

Have a cup of cammomile(sp) tea, and take a deep breath. We are sending out our prayers here. Try not to worry too much. I know that it's hard to do.
Did you let your new landlord know that the immediate rent increase without a new contract is illegal?
Have a good move.
Guardian stone

Dr Gary
Dr GaryCA 2011-02-24 14:44:43 -0600 Report

Hi! I am glad to hear about your progress in geting a house. Great news. Count me in! I am behind you all the way!

realsis77 2011-02-24 15:04:22 -0600 Report

Thanks so much! Now we have the inspection and apprasial to pray about! I lost my last house to a bad inspection so hopefully this one will go through good!

Dr Gary
Dr GaryCA 2011-02-25 13:47:32 -0600 Report

Well, I always say that lightening only strikes once. I am envisioning that this all goes perfectly for you! I will be watching for news. Have a great weekend!

realsis77 2011-02-25 14:06:43 -0600 Report

Thank you Dr. I love that saying! I hope your right! I'm praying. Its a perfect little house for my family.its not big but its just right. Its got a yard for my kids and animals to play in. Its got a solid roof that I can see and has a small fireplace! The bed rooms are spacious and it has new carpet and paint. It was built in 1988 but with the new paint and carpet it looks new! The kitchen is also spacious. Its light and open and happy looking. It would be everything we asked for! Just a little place we can call our own. The schools are good and it has a park near by.I just praythe inspection comes in good and the appraisal doesn't come in low! Thanks so much for your support! This is our last chance in our timeframe. If we are forced to rent we will loose all our house closing costs on rent. First last ect. Not to mention it will cost more than the house payment does. I just don't think we would be able to save again with rent that high. So this is so very important to my family! If I can pass home inspection and appraisal we will be looking good! So dear God please let this go smoothly!

Dr Gary
Dr GaryCA 2011-02-28 21:47:54 -0600 Report

It sounds like a great house for kids to grow up in, and with good schools included. I can understand why you are so excited about it. I hope you come back at me with good news soon!

jayabee52 2011-02-24 14:11:10 -0600 Report

Of course Lynette, I will pray for you and for your being able to get this house.

realsis77 2011-02-24 14:18:48 -0600 Report

Thank you soo much! That means so much too me! I'll keep you posted on what's happening. Hopefully it will be good news this time!

jayabee52 2011-02-24 15:07:38 -0600 Report

I am praying it will be good news for you. But God knows the future & sometimes the answer is "No" or "Wait for a while" so the best prayer is "Thy will be done" as Jesus did in Gethsemane.

So I pray that you will get this house if it is His will!


realsis77 2011-02-24 15:24:44 -0600 Report

Thank you so much! Id sure hate to loose the money that was saved for a home on a rental! But I agree with you and I'm praying the answer will be yes this time after one lost house and four different bids hopefully its yes this time! Thank you so much for being such a good friend! God bless!