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Has anyone heard of and/or tried the HCG diet. From what I understand diet consists of HCG drops, pellets, or injections along with a 500 calorie diet for 21 days. Diet is 3 phases but most harsh is the 21 day 500 calorie deal. Buy hear the results are amazing drastic weight loss and not muscle mass but body fat. Just can't seem to get my head around a 500 calorie a day diet. Would have to monitor my BS real close as the novalog my doctor had me on already bottoms out my BS if I wait to long to eat after a dose.
Anyone tried this diet my 2 brothers swear by it and are trying to get me to try it once.

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graywolf68 2011-03-13 20:32:53 -0500 Report

Working on getting items together scales one for my body weight and one food scale. Got tablets together had a sit down with my family on my goals and needed support. Getting more lexan jugs from waterwize ( make my own distiller water :-) almost ready to go for it.

diannegariepy 2011-03-02 17:51:32 -0600 Report

I have done and am continuing the HCG diet with homeopathic drops.
I didn't check with my doctor first, because I am a coward. Howevr, when he saw me, My Dr. loves the HCG diet, as so far I have lost 40 pounds, and my insulin requirements are down from 154 units a day to 60. Incase you are wondering, I went from 3X clothing to M and L clothing.

You have to watch pretty closely what your blood sugar is doing. And use your head on it. I went on ebay.com and bought a whole mess of testing strips and tested pretty near three to four times a day, adjust the insulin accordingly. While on the very low calorie diet, although the manuscript says drink coffee and tea all you want for breakfast, i ate an apple, cooked with stevia on it. was good. Then i could take my morning insulin, and make it to lunch. i saved the bread sticks and other fruit for snacks, afternoon and evening. if I did have low blood sugar, I ate a portion of 100 grams of shrimp. It didn't screw up the weight loss and make me gain weight.

The norm is for females to lose half pound to a pound a day. Men seem to lose a pound a day. Because you jockey the blood sugar and diet, I found half a pound was what I lost. First time around, the last week of the diet, I was off insulin completely, then settled at about 60 units after wards. (as your body adjusts itself after the main part of the diet). (also caffine will raise your blood sugar, important fact I didn't know before, and I use from time to time to my advantage) The last week of my second round my Dr. took me off the insulin, as I was taking less that 25 units a day, and put me on Junevia, which is tremendous because it is one of the few drugs out there for diabetics (including insulin) that doesn't make you lose weight, and preohibits pretty much going low blood sugar. I lost a pound a day on that.

I start my next round here in about two weeks, and I will be on Junevia for this round as I want to lose maximum I can. Will I be off insulin for good? I sure hope so. I hope I am off the junevia too and just am diet controlled.

When you finish a round, and do the maintenance where you can eat anything you like except starches and sugars, and move on to introducing carbs again. (which is why I use 60 units now, the bread) You will find you don't eat the things you ate before and likely abused. You eat differently and don't enjoy the things you did before. It is really good for that, it is corrective. We used to have ice cream as a treat every friday. I think I have had ice cream three times now in six months.

If your doctor has your best interests in mind, he will agree to the diet provided you check your blood sugars regularly and adjust appropriately. Do check with your own diet. I actually don't consider the diet that is prescribed to diabetics to be the correct one for diabetics, they do diddly squat for me. the actual diet is so perfectly balanced. And man oh man, this diet works wonderfully.

you feel great with a slimmer new body, and if you are like me you are careful and weight yourself regularly to maintain your new weight. mine varies by just 4 pounds and always comes back to the lower amount of weight, with care.

realsis77 2011-02-20 12:55:05 -0600 Report

Id be very careful of radical diets being diabetic. It can make you very ill. Id talk to my doctor first before starting any program to be on the safe side and see what he/she says about it. Yes I've heard of that diet but I'm not sure how it would effect diabetes. That is why its very important to discuss diets with your doctor before starting them. I wish you the very best! Just make sure its safe with diabetes by discussing it first with your doctor. You don't want to end up in the hospital! I'm sure your doctor can help you with a safe diabetic friendly diet that will work for you and not make you ill. Please take my advice .you want to be safe and healthy! Best wishes and God bless! I'm sure you'll find a great diabetic friendly diet and I know your doc can help you with that. Good luck.