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I constantly hear, and read about complaints that people have concerning their doctors, and other medical personnel.

My medical team has been, and still are (in my opinion) awesome!

Excellent, and caring can also be used to describe the service that has been rendered to me thus far.

Knowing that health, and health care can be a two-way street, all of the members of my team explain every aspect of treatment, proposed treatment, medications, exercise, basic and advanced fundamentals to me.

In return I ask questions, I listen to their answers, I read the various types of literature that are given to me.
Most importantly, I do what is asked of me and I document my findings.


Because in order to state your case, good or bad, you will need something to base your argument on, it's call FACTS, DOCUMENTED FACTS!

If what your doctor(s) proposes works, what's your point?
If it doesn't, where is your proof?

This discussion may ruffle a few feathers, but give it some serious thought, are you the cause for your unhappiness with your medical team?

My entire team at the UMDNJ Hospital (University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey), from my Primary Physician, Diabetes Team, Diabetes Educator, Podiatrist, Blood Lab Technicians, Coumadin Doctor, Dentist, Physical Therapy Doctors and Emergency Room Personnel are simply "Awesome."

Every one that I have had contact with has been extremely helpful.

I owe it to myself, and to them, to do all that I can within my power to manage my health.
I see the pride of a job well done, on their faces when my numbers, and my health improves with each scheduled appointment!


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jayabee52 2011-02-18 18:59:06 -0600 Report

That's great that you have an awesome medical team, Mays. I had an excellent medical team when I was in SF bay area with Jem. Now that I had to leave the area, my medical team is in flux right now. I pray I can get my medical affairs in order, and gather another wonderful medical team around me.

realsis77 2011-02-18 13:23:05 -0600 Report

I know what your saying! My doctor is wonderful and I told him he can never retire! Haha he's been my doc through my coma and its been eleven years now! I trust him with all my heart and he's just super! I have other health issues besides diabetes and he treats me for everything. After my coma the life support scared my lungs and I now have lung disease from it and he's a critical care doctor and I'm soo happy with him! No I'm not critical anymore thank God but he continues to treat me.we are very blessed to have such great doctors!

Harlen 2011-02-18 07:06:39 -0600 Report

lol I am so happy for you .
My team is good too and I still ask a lot of Questions of why when how
I have had some Doc's that are not as good and some that where just right on top of the game .
Best wishes

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