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Hi My name is Amy, I have already posted a discussion before, But I am having hot flashes on a weekly basics and I have pain in my whole body, I also started having severe stomach pains about 1 week ago, I already take medication for heartburn/ aicd reflux, I can't sleep very well some nights are better than other I started taking over the counter sleeping pillls a lot of the times them help but I have a few times I can't sleep or wake up in the middle of the night? Any suggestions on what I am going through the help would be greatly apperciated. Amy

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amyspeer 2011-02-17 19:20:34 -0600 Report

I just want to say thank you for everyone's help. I go the doctor on Tuesday hopefully I will get some answers. Amy

bizzach 2011-02-17 15:56:02 -0600 Report

I take a estrogen supplement for hot flashes and it seems to work for me, and for sleep try going for a long walk in the middle of the day if you can it helps tire you out so you can sleep better, be careful of otc sleep aids they are addictive.

angelhart0464 2011-02-17 16:40:15 -0600 Report

i have been taking black cohosh extract for my early menopause support it helps me with the hot flashes you can find it at walmarts but please check with your doctor first , have a great day

amyspeer 2011-02-17 10:49:43 -0600 Report

Thanks To Everyone for all the help it means a lot to me. I really appreciated all the kinds’ words and advice, which help. God Bless you all. Thanks for being such awesome and amazing friends.

Jameesa 2011-02-17 09:39:39 -0600 Report

I had a hysterectomy at the age of 39 due to fibroids that kinda threw me into menopause; I had bad flashes for a couple of years, tried several supplements. The one thing that helped me is soy, as long as I keep that in my diet I'm good. I haven't had any severe flashes in about 5 years now. My co-worker uses this supplement with black cohash, check with your Dr. first. Wishing you the best!!

VickieF 2011-02-17 05:32:32 -0600 Report

Hi Amy. I certianly don't know how to Stop them, but I do hvae some sugestions to help. When I have hot flashes I take a wash rag and run it under cool (not cold) water and after ringing it out well I place it on the back of my neck and go AAH! In the summer when I do yard work I do the same with a small towel. When I have to go someplace in the car I take a ziplock (heaveyduty Freezer) bagand fill it about half full, wrap it in a thin kitchen towel and do the same with it. These things have saved many lives believe me. LOL You know from the mood swings that tend to come with the hot flashes. LOL There is hope too, hot flashes do let up after awhile for most after not to many years. LOL They have finally for me, but I had a hysterectomy before I turned 30 so I've had them for over 20 years.
As for the rest Talk to your Dr. Please! If he/she will not listen make sure you tell Dr. "Look My body, I know it better than you do . So please Just really listen to me." Good luck.

apeape 2011-02-17 03:57:28 -0600 Report

well Amy there's lots that could be causing this stuff. do the hot flashes coincide with low blood sugar, cuz i get a hot flash with low blood sugar usually. the stomach pain i don't know, stress maybe. for sleeping, chronic pain causes sleep problems, i take melatonin or valerian root, but check with your dr first in case those would mess with any other meds you're on. but honestly, these supplements work better for me than the over the counter sleep aids. i just ordered a memory foam mattress topper, i'll let you know how it works :)

Mimiewal 2011-02-16 20:45:10 -0600 Report

dont get discouraged… I too get hot flashes.. I do my best to stay cool today I was out and omg I was so so hot..while everyone was cold.. so dont worry you know we women have these kinds of emotions.. about the aching though I agree with you there because I am a fairly new diabetic & I have pain every nite when I come home from work but the doctor has prescribed me gabapentin & so far so good.. so I just want to encourage you..YOU will be ok just keep up the meds& keep close with ur doctor & keep in touch..

Harlen 2011-02-16 20:43:28 -0600 Report

I am so sorry hun that your going thrue this .
karen has started having hot flashes and sometimes they make her have tummy pain too .
I would go see your woman Doc and see what they can do
they gave Karen something that seems to help ???? shes in bead or I would ask her what they gave her .
Best wishes

jlhrph 2011-02-16 18:37:09 -0600 Report

Have you tried vitamin E for the hot flashes? Try taking 400 iu daily, this can be increased if needed. Hope it helps.

jayabee52 2011-02-16 20:33:45 -0600 Report

Be careful with Vit E. It builds up in the body (fat soluable) and can cause problems, and maybe even be deadly. Check this article from Medline re Vit E:

You mention taking 400 iu daily. The medline article states specifically: "In November, 2004, the American Heart Association stated that high amounts of vitamin E can be harmful. Taking 400 IU per day, or higher, may increase the risk of death." So be careful!

Recommended intake, according to the article is for: "Adolescents and Adults 14 and older: 15 mg/day"