Paying for Your Diabetes

Amy Tenderich
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Hi Everybody,

A few additions to my Tips section on getting financial aid with your diabetes care.

First, the correct link to the Medicare booklet showing diabetes benefits is here:

Second, you can check out this site: — a comprehensive and unbiased database of health care resources for artists, performers, freelancers and the self-employed. The info could be useful for anyone!

Third, see also: - a site to locate community health centers near you that offer services to low income families, the uninsured, those with limited English proficiency, etc.

Hope these links are helpful!

- Amy

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kataztik 2011-02-17 10:16:24 -0600 Report

One thing my physician did was put my testing supplies on a prescription and my insurance (BC/BS) picked up the cost. I know supplies can be expensive.

My sugar goes up and down, have been controlling it with diet but I have been slacking off lately. If it is not better controlled then we will be looking at medication. My last fasting sugar reading was 117.

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