Forgive me Father for I have sinned

By Guardianstone Latest Reply 2011-02-17 10:53:26 -0600
Started 2011-02-14 03:40:46 -0600

It has been about three days since I have last confessed, and I fear I have done an unforgivable act. I have eaten a quarter bag of potatoe chips and three quarters of a cup of home made dip.
This may not sound bad (except to a cardiologist, or other medical personnel) but, I'm a diabetic.
I set out a boul of chips and dip to share with my hubby. When he went to bed I sat trying to search for various items on the web and just put one chip after another into my mouth.
This continued till the movie this atarted with ended.
I am so sick noe. It's 02:00 and no stomach meds in the house.
I should go for a walk but this isn't a safe neighborhood any more. And I'm a bit dizzy.
I know it was just a slip, but what a mistake to make.
I've got to be up early and going most of tomorrow, then go fore blood tests later this week.
I'm gonna get yelled at - and I deserve it.
I promise not to do it again (on o=purpose).
I'm back on the wagon, but I really wanted to get the lab work done Monday.
Please don't yell . . . I'll be a good girl . . . I promice

Guardian stone

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Pynetree 2011-02-17 10:53:26 -0600 Report

"Oh, I've often walked down this street before…" Yep, been there, done that! But, now you've had it…so you don't want it anymore…on to other vices! Really, just have to claw your way back on to the healthy track… this week i've been trying to eat dark chocolate Valentine's candy one, oh so small and delicious, piece a day…HARD!

Yasmina 2011-02-16 14:05:35 -0600 Report

My dear, you have just admitted to my worst and most deadly sin! The chips and a container [the large one] of Dean's French Onion dip. I hate myself for every one of the chips and dip I eat…regret each and every one to no end. But alas this is my downfall. Not candy. Just remember to not do it again for some time. No one ever said this disease is easy. And it never will be. But at least you knew you shouldn't have and maybe there won't be as much in the future. But here is a hint…Take a small bowl, put afew chips in it, add a little bit of the dip on the side. Enjoy! But put the rest away. Don't touch for several days. Then treat yourself on a good day to a little bit again. Use the moderation technique, and keep positive.

MewElla 2011-02-16 13:42:00 -0600 Report

Hey, you knew what to do, get right back on track…after all, this is a real positive thing you did, we have all been there at one time or another. We just have to learn our choices can really make a difference. I'm proud of you…

Mrs. Alilce
Mrs. Alilce 2011-02-16 13:37:37 -0600 Report

Funny, it must be the holiday. All the lttle kiddos brough me treats. I thanked them, boxed them, and gave them away at the nursing home. Last night was my second night in a row to get home at 7:00. I normally get home at least by 5, check sugar, takes supplements, start supper, and stretch out by 8. I may not go to sleep but it helps my joints. Last night I was still up and puttering at 10:00. My husband brought a bag of Lays in the house "for the kids". I finally got up and ate 11 (serving) ate 11 more. After the third 11 I figured I made up for the carbs I missed this month. That is my first real slip since diagnosis. Know what? I'm good. I'm back in the saddle. I just know not to let my "good groceries" get so low I don't have good choices when I'm craving.

Steve45694 2011-02-16 06:07:26 -0600 Report

I have done pretty much the same thing in my years of a diabetic. So don't beat yourself up. Remember we r only human and we will always make mistakes as we r here on this Earth! God Bless you!!!

CoRinaB 2011-02-15 10:21:39 -0600 Report

No worries, GS!!! It happens to the best of us! You just get back on that Clydesdale and trot back onto the right track. But yeah, put chips and dip in front of me and I'll be sure to do the same thing. But no need to ask for forgiveness, it's only human. Hope you have a wonderful day GS!!!

Kaiyle 2011-02-15 09:41:19 -0600 Report

We have all been there one way or another. My thing is chocolate and when I was first diagnosed as a diabetic, I gave everything away that was chocolate. Now I can deal with having a little chocolate in the house without the threat of my eating the entire bag. So when my body craves chocolate, I have it in moderation because depriving my body of it only grows the temptation of overindulgence of it.

Guardianstone 2011-02-15 19:15:56 -0600 Report

CCCHHHHHOOO . . . OH OH Oh. . . colate?
Thank goodness if I want it I have 1.45 mile round trip walk.
God's gifts to you

Guardian stone

Kaiyle 2011-02-15 20:46:04 -0600 Report

Lol..I hear you my friend. I just love your great sense of humor. You make everyone feel at ease.

Elrond 2011-02-14 23:51:01 -0600 Report

I certainly hope that was French onion dip. I have a lot of trouble resisting that stuff myself. I could skip the chips and just eat the dip with a spoon.

Guardianstone 2011-02-15 00:40:06 -0600 Report

Long time no see. No it wasn't french onion. Mayo, dry ranch mix and parm. cheese. Something from what was in the house. It was good. Thanks for chiming in. talk to you later. BTW hows the writing going?
Guardian stone

Elrond 2011-02-15 00:49:46 -0600 Report

That dip sounds good too. I'll have to remember that next time I want to dive off the wagon. Right now, my writing is stalled due to a sick computer. My desktop caught a bad virus and this laptop doesn't have my book files or word processor program. I suppose I could find some parchment along with a quill and bottle of ink but that doesn't strike my fancy. And somehow, a sci-fi novel written like that probably wouldn't sell.

Dr Gary
Dr GaryCA 2011-02-14 21:52:07 -0600 Report

Guardianstone! Where you been? Nice to have the chance to read your wise words again. Everybody slips off the horse -- whatever horse they're riding -- from time to time. Relapses happen. What's important is to dust yourself off and climb back on. Happy Valentine's Day!

Guardianstone 2011-02-14 23:05:04 -0600 Report

Hello Dr Gary, and happy v day to you Saw you on Bipolar connect.
I must have been riding a Clydsdale, cus that was a long fall, and the ladder to get back up is a bit short. Gotta want it, as they say. Thanks, I'll talk more later.
Guardian stone

apeape 2011-02-14 20:52:45 -0600 Report

just remember, it could've been worse. the earth won't quit spinning & life will go on. for the tummy upset, try half a tsp. of baking soda in half a cup of water, that usually helps me. my sin today? godiva dark chocolate strawberry truffles. you're not alone!!!! :)

Guardianstone 2011-02-14 23:17:02 -0600 Report

Thanks, I prefer Verners ginger ale, but can't find it in Phoenix area.
OMG Dark chocolate, strawberries, tru . . . sounds good.
I think I need to find supper.
Guardian stone

jayabee52 2011-02-14 20:07:00 -0600 Report

No yelling from me, GS! I have a confesion to make too. 3 words: Chili Cheese Fries! Had been fignting temptation for a couple weeks. Finally gave in. (potatoes & cheese, not good for my kidneys!) I think I'm back on the wagon now.

Happy V-Day to one and all!

Mrs. Alilce
Mrs. Alilce 2011-02-16 13:41:22 -0600 Report

Rafferty's Cheesy Fries with real bacon bits. I'm saving that thought for a planned cheat some time pounds later. I'm am quite happy right now with my verggie experiments. The fruit is a must, not a treat, so I no longer feel guilty. Loving it.

Guardianstone 2011-02-15 00:47:47 -0600 Report

James . . . Did you say . . . Chili Cheese Fries? Oh no. Can I hav . . . Oops. We'll both work on it.
Happy V day.
Guardian stone

GabbyPA 2011-02-14 18:21:17 -0600 Report

It is good to have you back. I missed your humor. I know it is not entirely funny, but you always have a way of putting things that makes me smile. I hope you are feeling better today and like a kid who ate too much candy...I hope you remember how you feel when you are tempted next time.

glee9349 2011-02-14 17:02:59 -0600 Report

Its a mistake we all have made one time or another. The thing is to get back on track and not punish yourself your only human and we all have slip ups we just have to remember how we felt after the slip up and it helps us next time. But just dont keep beating yourself up we have all been there.

MewElla 2011-02-14 10:10:34 -0600 Report

Doesn't this sound like a song we have all sung to ourselves. Guess human nature jumps in and we kinda "forget" about the diabetes, but out of the shadows it lurches and we pay for it big time. This makes me remember EVERYTHING real well for a long time and then…Want to wish you Happy Valentines Day…

Guardianstone 2011-02-14 13:39:49 -0600 Report

Thank you MewElla.
I have been sick all day, and sti
ll have therapy, doctor, and guests that can't be sent away. I feel like I have a hangover with food poisoning and a rash in places that can't always be reached. (internal). May it be a long time before it happens again.
Guardian stone

realsis77 2011-02-14 10:09:08 -0600 Report

I think it happens to us all from time to time just jump back on the wagon of health and don't look back! Its funny when I slip I don't feel well either. Its our bodys. Saying hey that wasn't good for me. I know we feel better when we eat right but we are only human after all and sometimes we slip up. So just dust off your boots and get right back on the horse so to speak. I hope you have a great day and happy valentines day!.

Guardianstone 2011-02-14 13:46:38 -0600 Report

Hi kid,
are you doing better? Thanks for not yelling.
Have they caught the thief? Have you told off your landlords (both old and new)?
Have you found a place yet?
I hope they have, you have and You HAVE.
Prayers to you and yours
Guardian stone

realsis77 2011-02-14 16:51:26 -0600 Report

Hi sweetie the dective is on his way to my house as I type this. They do have video of the person useing a card with my name and number on it! If I can't identify the person well then I guess they get away scott free on my money! As for a house no I haven't found one but I'm looking again tomarrow so please pray for me! Have a great day!

realsis77 2011-02-14 10:07:25 -0600 Report

I think it happens to us all from time to time just jump back on the wagon of health and don't look back! Its funny when I slip I don't feel well either. Its our bodys. Saying hey that wasn't good for me. I know we feel better when we eat right but we are only human after all and sometimes we slip up. So just dust off your boots and get right back on the horse so to speak. I hope you have a great day and happy valentines day!.

oldbuttercup 2011-02-14 07:10:20 -0600 Report

I admire your courage in admitting that you occassionally fall off the wagon and eat foods that you feel are not good for you. When I am depressed (more so since I am out of work these last 2 months , because of medical problems) I eat more snack foods that are not good for anyone, let alone someone with diabetes. In fact in the last 2 months I have put on 23 lbs.
But wait I started writing about me, and stopped complimenting you on your strength in controlling yourself, most of the time.
May it be along time before you fall off the wagon again.
As Always God Bless You

Guardianstone 2011-02-14 03:50:31 -0600 Report

I just reread this and found many errors and omissions. It just shows how bad a slip I made. Thank goodness I no longer drive.
I was not being sarcastic about asking for forgiveness from a higher power. I wanted to get your attention, and thought if I said something about sex I would have too many people wanting to string me up by my fingernails.
Please forgive.
God's blessings


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