complications,type one for over fifty years

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howdy,,well here i go,i am 61 yeers of age and have been a type 1 for fifty of those years,,i have severe neuropathy,retinopathy,(legally blind) extreme brittlel blood sugars range from 18 i 1000+ in any given 24 hour period. i live alone and care for my self. i cannot drive but have a guide dog…please give me a break,,zero welfare help it is just me..i may or may not wake up..start ioff my day walk to the beach..pass out,,get a glucose IV,,get up refuse any more treatment and use my feeble legs and dystroyed eyes but i finally make it to the beach,,me and my guide dog enjoy our time walking,,again i check my sugar,,enjoy our stroll,,finally stop at my favorite beach place..have one beer a good fish sandwich and salad,,relax and off to my 2 mile walk home…so all of you complainers give me a break,,face your diabetes and live with it…be thankful for the abilities that you have becaues when the time comes for their loss that is what happen you lose your abilities to fully function. yet one finds the will and strength to go on. i wish all of you the best but i a am fully aware of diabetic realliaty…God bless..ralph and hannah

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Wow I'm really sorry to hear all the complacations you have! What a realaity check! I'm definatly greatful for what I have. I just lost a good friend to diabetes and I'm fully aware of the posiabilitys. I'm glad you have the strength to move foward in life your very corageous for that. May God bless you. Thank you for sharing your story! Its a very sobering reality. I must say I am truely greatful for what I do have. Take care and thanks again for the "wake up" call.