Large pict. of the two of us, in todays newspaper.

Johnben or JB.
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Started 2011-02-12 15:17:58 -0600

The Nanaimo Bulletin Newspaper here in BC went all out, giving me and diabetes a whole page in todays paper under the name "A Healthy Example." This is really outstanding and we got several diabetics asking me for the websites of diabetes support groups.
For us this is really an event. Sorry to talk so much about it but to us it is special.


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realsis77 2011-02-14 10:24:53 -0600 Report

Congradulations! That's something to be very proud of. You set a great example for everyone! I'm glad you got the word out to thousands of people! Great job. Have a blessed day! Oh and happy valentines day to you!

MAYS 2011-02-12 16:54:30 -0600 Report

There is no reason, or need to apologize for anything.
Enjoy your time in the spotlight, make your moment of fame memorable!
Your awareness of diabetes may help others to see the importance of managing their diabetes, as you are managing yours.
Enjoy your moments of glory as they come!


Johnben or JB.
Johnben or JB. 2011-02-12 17:54:15 -0600 Report

Thank you! It is not glory I'm looking for, but recognision by Joslin is important to me. Had several people calling me and asking about diabetic boards.