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Ok so im still doing ok but now that my son is 7 months old and i am no longer breastfeeding him i gained a bit of weight. Not like i was skinny before but now its really bothering me. No one in my family gets it because they r all bigger and dont have the issues i have with diabetes. so i am turning to my diabetic family for some advice i still have to talk to my dr some more but … here goes. I am 5'3" and now i weigh 193 lbs technically that is obese and this is after i had my son seven months ago. However I was 180 before I got pregnant, still obese. I really watch what i eat. I cut back portion sizes and was eating more often like suggested by proffessionals. I bought the flirty girl fitness routine dvd package because i wanted to feel sexy adn have fun while losing weight. My dr told me that insulin is a growth hormone and that was why diabetics have larger babys because of how much insulin we take. my app is still a month away and i plan on talking to him about it but the same principles still apply right? in order to lose weight i have to get tighter control so i dont have to take as much insulin right? but in order to do that you have to lose weight? Any ladys out there that have successfully lost weight while taking insulin please help me there is so much confusion when this subject comes up i really need some tips on what to do.

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bhyson1204 2011-02-12 20:37:44 -0600 Report

thanks for the advice guys! I really like my flirty girl fitness workout it is something that i can see me sticking to and i can also switch it up for the last 3 days i work out maybe a little more than a half hour and the next day i feel the muscle aches but it feels good. I put it in my head that i am going to this and i am going to lose weight. I really dont want to diet because ur metabolism gets programes to that diet. instead of cutting foods out i have been eating way less than normal. i will update u on the progress when i get up the nerve to buy a scale lol. keep me updated to and maybe we can help each other live healthier lives. good luck guys. let the punds shed!!!! lol

Aaron1977 2011-02-11 21:54:06 -0600 Report

I've had the same problems with weight loss. It seems every time I get real strict with my diet - I would have a low and need to eat something else. I'm a little bit of a binge eater when I have a serious low. That kills my diet. I've had recent success with a workout program called Insanity and trying to not eat out at all. Good luck!

Rainerm 2011-02-11 20:29:24 -0600 Report

My daughter is two and I am still working on getting my weight and my numbers down. I had to get really strict with myself and lower my carbs. It is really easy for us moms to snack on what the kids like (mac n cheese and animal crackers). I had lost 6 or 7 pounds over 4 months and then gained back 5 in a couple of weeks (I know depressing, right?) But to initially lose the weight, I stopped looking at fat and calorie counts and just focused on lowering my carbs and upping my proteins. I also started exercising 3-4 times a week for a half hour. I have heard that you should do different exercises throughout the week, too. Like walk one day, bike another, strength train, etc. etc.