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My A1c is 7.00 is this safe or need to improve this reading pls suggest me

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kdroberts 2011-02-11 09:38:57 -0600 Report

At 7 the chances of complications drops off significantly, but they are still at a higher rate than the normal population. The studies that show what a really normal A1c is give the range 4.6-5.4.

It's also wise to keep in mind that an a1c is not purely about blood sugar. It's been adopted as an 'average glucose' but there are several completely unrelated things that can make it higher or lower.

Aaron1977 2011-02-10 20:32:01 -0600 Report

According to my doctor it is not great but ok. Mine usually range around 6.7 - 7.1. It's important to know if it is steady around 150 or does it swing up and down wildly- which can be more damaging. My advice would be to try to tighten it up to 6.5 or lower - but I wouldn't lose any sleep if you are at 7.0.

Perhaps try a continuous glucose monitoring system for a few days to see how it changes throughout the day?

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