How to avoid having diabetes

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What should one do or eat to avoid diabetes?

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realsis77 2011-02-09 14:15:55 -0600 Report

Hi. As I understand if diabetes is in your genes you get it. I always ate fairly healthy and exercised and because it was in my genes I got diabetes. I'm not over weight or anything like that but still I have diabetes. I do believe its genetic.

MewElla 2011-02-09 08:33:03 -0600 Report

From all the comments below there really is nothing to do to avoid diabetes…If it is in your target range from genes you will get it. But you also can be healthy by taking care of yourself by eating healthier than ever and doing more exercise. Most diabetics agree that they are taking care of themselves far more than prior to diabetes. But you must work at it everyday…a lot to it. Good Luck to you.

tomecom 2011-02-09 08:32:14 -0600 Report

There are several things that promote the manifestation of diabetes. Obviously diabetes is genetic, but lifestyle mistakes cause it to manifest.

Diabetes is an inflammatory disease. Inflammation is caused by eating too many pro-oxidants and not enough antioxidants. Antioxidants stop inflammation. Pro-oxidants are prepared foods that contain preservatives, and other additives like food coloring, table salt, texture enhancers, and others. These substances are also known as AGE's, which are powerful pro-oxidants. Others are processed flour, caffeine, artificial sweeteners, sodas and colas, fats, alcohol and some over the counter medications.

Inflammation causes weight gain and vitamin and mineral deficiencies. The vitamin deficiencies lead to amino acid deficiencies that lead to many body function malfunctions; including depression, glucose management, skin conditions, weight gain, and many others.

High blood sugars lead to dehydration, which causes many control problems. Lack of proper fiber leads to higher cholesterol. Diabetics typically eat less than half of the required amounts of fiber daily.

Learn all that you can about diabetes. Reading the Diabetes Primer is a very good way to start. The Primer is available as a free download on the Internet. I have given away thousands of copies to diabetics-newly diagnosed and veterans.

Feel free to write back if you need more information or a copy of the Primer.

Harlen 2011-02-09 07:26:33 -0600 Report

For all I can tell if your going to get diabetes your going to get it.
You can slow it down and put it off for as long as can be.
By eating right working out Huuummmm the same thing you need to do to take care of Diabetis .
Best wishes

RAYT721 2011-02-09 04:56:25 -0600 Report

If diabetes is in your genes, there is nothing to do to avoid it but there are ways to manage and control it. So far the experts have been agreeing with a diet and exercise program and I can say in my case that is exactly what is keeping me from getting out of control numbers. I have lost around 30 pounds and continue to exercise not to the point of exhaustion but for keeping the body in better shape. Ya know what? It also helps the mind and relieves stress. As for the food aspect, every body and everybody is different. Let your glucose meter be your guide. Some people can tolerate some things that others cannot. Having diabetes is not nearly as bad as having uncontrolled diabetes. I have been watching carb intake, drinking more water, eating smaller meals more often, and have given up a lot of the sugar that I used to consume. Those tips may or may not work for you but it's unlikely that any of them will hurt.

HisTxLady 2011-02-09 03:38:02 -0600 Report

It depends…Is it in your family history? Family history has some to do with it. But getting plenty of exercise and eating healthy is the best way to start. I am not a health professional but I think keeping your sweets and carbs under control is a good place to start. Carbs are bread, pasta, potatoes, starchy foods and regular sugar is a carb also. Now you can't cut out all carbs but I try to keep it around 40 or 45 per meal and a snack at 20. I use a site called to keep up with my food and drink intake…it measures carbs in food and can help you understand what not to eat a lot of. With that site if I want to know if something has starch or sugar and I don't have a product label to look at it can tell me what it contains, even fast foods. Eating a healthy diet with lots of fruit and vegetables, I tend to go more the vegetables than fruit…they have natural sugar in them, and getting some exercise in your daily happenings is where I would say to start. Some others may have a different idea I am still a little new at this so wait for some of the others to answer too. Good Luck.

God Bless :o)