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By mkhojh99 Latest Reply 2011-07-19 21:47:28 -0500
Started 2011-02-07 18:38:19 -0600

tomorrow I see another eye doc for diabetic retinopathy I have some but find out tomorrow how bad it is and if it will need surgery…I am so hoping not surgery!!!! I have my teeth surgery this month a possible eye surgery if it doesnt go well and maybe a gastric surgery later this year…holy hannah…

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mkhojh99 2011-07-19 21:47:10 -0500 Report

sorry been crazy here…got a second job online and working on getting a 3rd job. My eyes are good…he said hes not sure how because my sugars were still a little high but the retinopthy was great!

mkhojh99 2011-02-19 22:48:28 -0600 Report

I will have to ask about lutein…I go back to the eye doc in May for a recheck. But my teeth will have been out for a bit so am hoping my sugars go back to normal more

phatgirl 2011-02-09 23:48:57 -0600 Report

Hello…I had both eyes operated on a few months back.Due to diabetic and cataracts.It wasnt bad at all.Plus i have had 4 yags on botheyes and now i am getting injections in my right eye first then after 5 months start the left eye. and believe it or not its not bad either. I would tell anyone who needs any of it…get it done!If I can do it …any one can! best wishes!

tomecom 2011-02-09 08:44:10 -0600 Report

You can help prevent the progression by taking lutein 20 mg per day, and alpha lipoic acid 300mg per day. I stopped the progression over 10 years ago and still do not have any signs of progression.
My doctor told me it was witch craft 10 years ago, but now sells the supplements in his office. Make sure that you are also taking vitamins C and E to support them.

mkhojh99 2011-02-08 17:06:55 -0600 Report

ok so I do have the diabetic retinopathy…a year and a half ago when this eye doc seen me I was about a 3-4 and am now a 5-6 but I do not meet the requiremtns to have surgery. I go back in 3 months and well see how my sugars are and so on. So no surgeyr yet…yipppiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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