Healing wounds

By vgarrison Latest Reply 2011-04-18 04:55:55 -0500
Started 2011-02-05 20:59:46 -0600

About 2 week ago I cut myself shaving…I took a pretty good size gouge (about the size of a dime) out of my ankle…well the problem is that it looks like I did it maybe 3 days ago. It will not heal, it's not getting any worse, just not any better. I have made an appt with my dr, but what I'm wondering is if anyone has any advice on what I could to help it heal. I really would prefer to get something myself than have to get a presciption cream (I have no insurance).

Any ideas??

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donna62M 2011-04-12 22:35:32 -0500 Report

my tried and tested is Betadine( ointment not liquid) …put on bandaid before you put on the wound.

AuntieBear 2011-04-16 23:52:27 -0500 Report

where do you get betadine oiintment? A doctor gave me samples of it many years ago, but I have never been able tofind a store that sells it.

donna62M 2011-04-17 00:07:45 -0500 Report

I live in Australia so I suggest if you tried the manufacturer and asked they might tell you where you could buy it or they may do it online. Good luck finding it.

jayabee52 2011-04-11 10:24:54 -0500 Report

Howdy Vicki, How's the wound healing now? It's been 2 mos + since you originally posted this. How is your healing progressing?

Yasmina 2011-04-11 10:18:55 -0500 Report

Keep the wound clean. Keep your sugars low in the normal range. Use hydrogen peroxide or {ouch} rubbing alcohol to disinfect the wound. Use a triple antibiotic {generic works and is cheap} if you feel the need. If a bandaid needs to be put on, make sure that it gets air through the bandaid or it will get worse. There are some cheap but really good ones at The Dollar Tree Store. They are white, self-adhesive, and come 6 to a box. But they let air in.

Mizzgreenjeanz 2011-04-18 04:55:55 -0500 Report

Just a heads up, I was told by both a surgeon and a nurse that hydrogen peroxide while being a wonderful disinfectant for wounds also will cause them NOT to heal shut. It discourages regrowth of tissue in wounds. I deal with wounds from a disease related to PCOS and Diabetes both…called Hidredenitis Suppurativa and have wounds that sometimes take months to heal. So I've been there! Just wanted to let you know that HP might not be the best way to go! They recommend using sterile water to bath wounds and then making sure to use gauze to cover.

Gemm 2011-03-28 12:44:51 -0500 Report

Cutting myself shaving and not even feeling it is why my doctor told me to stop using regular razors and go to an electric one. I found several that I can use either in or out of the shower and got one. No more nicks shaving.

As for helping to heal, can't really add more to what's already been said. I had one really nasty cut the last time I used a regular razor. It took longer to heal than I used to take but haven't really had any major problems with healing —- YET! My biggest problem when I do get a cut is my allergy to adhesives. :( All I can say is have your doc take a look and see what s/he says.

HUGS and hope all will heal well.

1cookie :)
1cookie :) 2011-03-27 19:44:06 -0500 Report

I'm an aloe vera fan myself. I burned myself really bad (3rd degree) on new years day. Started as a quarter sized area. Kept it happy for about 2 weeks when I ran out of silvadine I had from a foot treatment. I went to a dermatologist who wanted me to use biofine emulsion with the sivadine..I had an allergic reaction to it. He refered me to a plastic surgion who had me just use the silvadine again. 2 weeks or so later it was almost healed it was 3"x4" after the reaction before that. Just when I thought I was going to be fine I was told to use a neosporin type of stuff…I reacted to that. It still itches and I get small bumps around the purple colored 5" x 6" area it was after the second reaction.

If it is a superficial cut, 3 days is not a lot of time. Keep it clean and covered with a "non stick" telfa type bandage AND BE PATIENT.

jayabee52 2011-03-27 19:22:44 -0500 Report

This may sound strange on a Diabetes site, but have you tried putting honey on it? The high concentration of sugars in the honey acts as a natural antibiotic. When bacteria comes in contact with the honey the sugar draws out the moisture from the bacterium.

It is messy and you have to keep it covered by gauze, but I've used it a couple times in my pre-diabetic days and had good results.

Of course, I think I heal faster too, FWIW

Graylin Bee
Graylin Bee 2011-03-27 20:47:53 -0500 Report

Doesn't sound strange at all. Just before I escaped from the hospital last year (the 1st time), my wound care people were discussing medihoney. The Wound Care Dr. said he was having very good results with it.

Dev 2011-03-27 23:06:40 -0500 Report

You can also try Turmeric. We use it on wounds all the time. Helps stop blood flow and it is antiseptic. dries and heals wounds quickly.

We use it in everyday cooking so it is easily available. The only downside is the color. once the color gets on your clothes it is difficult to get out in one wash.

northerngal 2011-03-27 09:12:43 -0500 Report

I heal very slow also. I have extremely dry skin and especially in winter, can't keep it moisturized. I cover any small cut with bandaids (medicated type) for several days. It helps because it can't dry out and refuse to seal. I used antibiotic ointment also. Once you have cellulitis or other infection, you need antibiotics. You'll know if the blood sugar readings stay high and of course the red and swollen wound. You will be more susceptible to iinfection any time the bs is high because thats what feeds it. Double edged sword- you are more susceptible because of diabetes and the diabetes makes it more likely to infect. Anyway, keep a close watch and I'd keep it covered so it stays cleaner and has a better chance of healing.

vgarrison 2011-02-08 18:47:12 -0600 Report

Just wanted to let everyone know that I saw the DR today and she said that it looks fine, it's just healing slow…I asked about the zinc oxide and she said that would be great to use…as well as neosporin or triple antibiotic…she said that because it is on my anlke that it could take a month or more to completely heal..after that I am to go back in to see her. Also she said that if there are any red lines streaking out from it to come back in right away…blood infection or cellulitis could be starting…

Also I have now officially switched permenetly to nair or veet for all future hair removal procedures…LOL!!

Blessed Be

MewElla 2011-02-08 18:50:15 -0600 Report

Glad to hear the Dr said that you are healing, even if it is slow. You may be onto something by investing in Nair or Veet…Take care and have a good week.

AuntieBear 2011-02-07 23:20:23 -0600 Report

As for the shaving, I bought an electric shaver. Not as close a shave as a razor, but no nicks, cuts or scrapes. As for the not healing, I hear you loud and clear. I heal very slowly. Right now I am in the process of finding a new doctor and have had a leg wound for over two months. It now looks like I am having another round of cellulitis. Does anyone know if the zinc oxide stuff works on cellulitis? I know that Silvadene ointment is no longer working for me. I think my body has built up a tolerance to the stuff.

AuntieBear 2011-02-11 22:59:10 -0600 Report

Thanks for the info. It is starting to heal up with the help of bactroban at night and neosporin during the day. I found a new doctor and I can't get in to see him until the 23rd. When I do he and I are going to have a serious talk about wound care because I hate having any kind of sore.

Graylin Bee
Graylin Bee 2011-02-08 18:22:00 -0600 Report

Antibiotics for cellulites since it is a bacterial infection. Has anyone suggested UNA boots? I had to have them for several months last year after the anibotics and while still having debridement weekly.Silvadene is good, but you can develop an allergy to silver. My wound care people were worried about that with me while they were using it to help with the healing.

Pynetree 2011-02-08 09:05:47 -0600 Report

Yes, you need to use antibiotics for the celluitis, but the after effects on the skin can be treated with zinc oxide. Dr. prescribed it for my sisters leg, after months of other ointments…try it, it can't hurt.

GabbyPA 2011-02-08 08:22:32 -0600 Report

My husband had cellulitis last year and as far as I understand, you can only treat that with antibiotics. You have to treat it quickly or your body will become septic and that means that infections spreads through your whole body. Don't let that go untreated.

vgarrison 2011-02-07 22:11:28 -0600 Report

Thanks everyone…I'm gonna get some Zinc Oxide to have one hand…My soar isn't getting any better but it's not getting worse either…nice scab on it though…and I will admit..normally I am a scab picker (I know, I know…nasty) but I have been able to leave this one alone…I have an appt on Thursday so I'll let everyone know what the doc says!

Rebagv 2011-02-07 22:35:31 -0600 Report

I'm glad you started this discussion. I needed to see about the Zinc Oxide. I'm gonna have to try that for myself on my slow-healing wounds. I also use Tea Tree Oil, but diluted with water, to clean infections. That helps to clean up an infection.

vgarrison 2011-02-08 18:43:13 -0600 Report

OOH I have tea tree oil and I never even thought to use it…geeeesh…I have been spraying bactine on it daily (my daughter calls it the magic boo boo begone spray)

coastie45 2011-02-07 21:16:15 -0600 Report

Being diabetic, everything takes longer to heal. But please be aware that at times you need to see your Dr to make sure you don't need some extra help. I waited too long and had to have surgery to scrape it out and clean it up and go through many appts with a wound specialist to get healed.

Sheila Hardrick
Sheila Hardrick 2011-02-07 20:07:37 -0600 Report

I was not aware of zinc oxide instead of neosporin. I have both but will use the zinc oxide from now on. Thanks for the info. Are you cleaning the wound with a combination of hydrogen peroxide and betadine? Mix the two together to clean your cut and allow it to air dry. Cover if going out or if you have animals (dog, cats) around the house. When at home be careful not to knock it or rub it and leave uncovered as much as possible. No more shaving, use Neet to remove leg, underarm or anywhere else unwanted hair. Good luck.

GabbyPA 2011-02-07 15:55:32 -0600 Report

Neosporin every cut, every time. I know it sounds hoaky, but that is my rule and it helps me a lot. It also helps my husband (when he will do it. LOL) because he is a paraplegic and his circulation in his legs and feet is very poor. Now I have never tried the zinc oxide, but I do have it on hand. So next boo-boo I am going to give that a try.

Pynetree 2011-02-07 13:38:03 -0600 Report

Have had a really slow healing cut too…had a woundcare nurse tell me to stop the neosporin and switch to "what your Grandmother most likely used…Zinc Oxide cream" And it worked! Bought the drugstore brand (cheap) OTC cream and finally healed. Give it a try.

Pynetree 2011-02-07 13:46:25 -0600 Report

Just went through this …3 visits to Primary care…3 different antibiotics.. over almost 50 days..with all the accompaning GI issues from the Antibiotics…finally a specialist…and a wound care nurse…with the simple answer. Zinc Oxide…Who Knew?!? Great for all cuts, burns, scrapes, rash,inflamation, diaper or heat rash. Such a handy and CHEAP solution.

Graylin Bee
Graylin Bee 2011-02-06 17:03:38 -0600 Report

You might try Bacitracin ointment. Last Summer I fell and scraped my shin in two places through jeans and compression stockings. I didn't go to the Dr. because it was on Saturday 120 miles away from him. I was scheduled for surgery on Monday for another problem and figured they would be able to see about it then. The Wound Care Nurse used the baciracin and it healed real fast. If I hadn't been having surgery in two days the Dr. would have been hearing from me first thing Monday morning.
P.S. Bacitrcin is sold over the counter, mine is from Walgreens. I don't know what other stores carry it as I haven't checked for it yet.

Nonna2Three 2011-02-06 14:45:48 -0600 Report

Neosporin & gauze is my best bet. But since you have had it bandaged and it isn't getting better then the doctor is the best option. There are prescription antibiotic ointments that are stronger than OTC such as Neosporin.

granniesophie 2011-02-05 22:14:42 -0600 Report

See, another reason for not having to shave-cuts that don't heal right! I'm all for never shaving-gorilla legs for me :) (whoose idea was it that women are supposed to shave anyway, some man, I bet!)
I can't think of anything besides Neosporin and time-keep it covered with some gauze instead of a bandaid-that way its protected, but still gets air and can heal. Sometimes the bandaids actually prevnt healing.

vgarrison 2011-02-06 12:23:49 -0600 Report

Yah I am now using this as an excuse not to shave anymore…my hubby said thats fine, I'll just stay warmer..LOL. Guess I'd better stock up on some NAIR!!! We swim alot in the summer and I just can't get into a swim suit without shaving…there are enough things for people to poke fun at when I'm in a suit…I don't need to add anymore fuel…LOL!!!

GabbyPA 2011-02-07 15:56:58 -0600 Report

LOL, I hear you there. I love winter...no shaving for me. I have a spring thaw that requires a good drain cover. LOL

Graylin Bee
Graylin Bee 2011-02-08 18:25:16 -0600 Report

No one wants to try what has made my lower legs stop growing hair. My cellulites and MRSA battle destroyed my skin. Since the skin returned the hair has not.

Harlen 2011-02-05 21:10:29 -0600 Report

I use neosporen I think thats how you spell it it works for me
Best wishes and fast healing

vgarrison 2011-02-05 21:17:41 -0600 Report

Thanks Harlen…I've been using a triple antibiotic, but alas no help…I'm worried..I'm not even gonna lie…I do gotta give myself some credit, at least I'm going to my doc about this!!

squog master
squog master 2011-02-05 22:35:44 -0600 Report

Try cleaning it w/Hydrogen Peroxide 3-4 times a day.

Pynetree 2011-02-07 13:40:15 -0600 Report

be careful with the Peroxide…really dries skin and slows healing. My Dr toldme to throw it out.

GabbyPA 2011-02-07 15:58:12 -0600 Report

True, the only need for peroxide is to clean a wound of dirt or debris. Other than that it's use is not so much on an on going sore. It keeps the scab from forming.