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I am new here and pretty scared about this as you can see from my list of medical condidtions I have enough to worry about so far my numbers have beenn good since I found out I have been watching what I eat no sugar…if anybody has any suggestion for me please feel free to address me…
thanks Heather

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Karen Regina
Karen Regina 2011-02-07 20:33:21 -0600 Report

Welcome Heather. I guess it sounds odd for somebody to welcome you to an illness, but what everyone else has said is true. We are a community and you will find that you have a whole new set of friends and family because of this illness. When I was first diagnosed I was scared to death. I have a whole laundry list of problems myself. But, life goes on and we do what we have to do. Just try your best with this, just like you do everything else. Keeping talking to people and asking questions. You'll get the help you need. Remember that people care. Good luck.

Sheila Hardrick
Sheila Hardrick 2011-02-07 20:22:12 -0600 Report

Hi Guys, none of you mention if you are on metformin or another type pill or if you are on insulin. It can make a difference (small but some) Has anyone been advised of Byetta or Victoza? These are only for those of you that are not insulin dependent. Ask you Dr about them. Also as a diabetic the family Dr if fine for everything else but what is really needed as a diabetic is an Endocrinologist. This is the specialist for us. By the way Byetta and Victoza will help in weight loss, they seem to cut your appetite when you are either one of them. I lost 35 lbs. Mind you it is not an overnight thing but it really helped to aid in the control of what and how much you consume. Good Luck and check with your Dr.

tabby9146 2011-02-06 18:11:43 -0600 Report

Welcome Heather! I can't really add anything to what anyone else said, but I was scared too at first, then realized I was goingto be okay,I just had to follow what they told me to do. Just exercise everyday if you can, just a good brisk walk for 30 minutes, including your warm up and cool down of a few minutes each, and watch those carbs, that is the main thing. I love those Pure Fitness packets that you can put in water, that is what I drink water, most of the time, but I have diet sodas sometimes too I just have always heard not to make a habit of them like daily or anything. I was told in diabetes class, I could have "everything" but in modetaion and the"one" thing to stay away from, they told us, was no regular sodas. So I have not had one or even a few sips of one since that was over 26 months ago and I don't miss them. I thought I would. I got so used to Diet Rite which I think tastes great, as does Diet Mountain Dew at times, but I don't drink them regularly. Wheat bread, no white, or white rice, or white potatoes. Some people can't eat carrots or they can only eat just a few, and corn too, is higher on the glycemic index, so I don't eat a lot of it, just a small amount when I'm around it. Sweet potatoes I eat more of now than white, and I like the taste better anyway, plus they have fiber. Eat healthier buttery spreads, they can be good for you, like Best Life, or Smart Balance, I am sure there are others, but these I have tried and stick to. They helped bring my cholesterol down and when I cut down on the number of regular eggs I was eating, that helped too. It's good to have whole grain bread, whole grain crackers, and things like that, so easy to think things are 100% whole grain when they aren't so have to read the ingredients list. No high fructose corn syrup if you can help it, but it's hard, theyhave it in just about everything, and partially hydrogenated oils, "are" trans fat. So if anything has that, and more of then that that, many packaged foods and snacks do, it is bad for your heart. Just have to do a lot of looking and comparing and it felt overwhelming a little to me at first, but it does become easier later. Wish you the best.

petals 2011-02-05 19:56:29 -0600 Report

Welcome Jodi!! This is a great site to be a member of. Just take one day at a time, count the carbs, and whatever else you doctor tells you to do. Get on here and vent, cry, yell, whatever you need to do, that's what we are here for. Hugs.

Lakeland 2011-02-05 16:09:36 -0600 Report

Hi, I'm type 2 & got diagnosed when I went blurry & my sugar was 550, I remember being so scared, they didn't give me anything to drop my number they just sent me home with cut out sugars, I remember being surprised when I woke up. He insisted that I go to the hospital but I had out of state family coming in & I couldn't go to the hospital, I did take classes & felt much more in control. Now I'm not nearly as scared.

This is what worked for me. Instead of looking at everything, I just look at the carbohydrate numbers. They suggest 45mg per meal but if the carb comes from fiber and is greater than 5 it can be deducted.

The reason is, processed carbs turn into sugar quickly, by adding a high fiber carb,the body has to work harder to break it down, so your blood sugars won't spike.

I was told & this works for me, Pick the carb first, If you want a sandwich with bread, choose a high fiber bread then skip dessert.

IF you want dessert, then skip the bread, enjoy the meat & veggie.

It's not just sugar itself, it's also the carbs that turn into sugar. So it's not that sugar is banned, you just need to choose when to use it. For me, days are different, sometimes, I want the carb in a pasta, the next day I might want it in the dessert, So it's more about choices.

Best wishes, you'll get through this scary part, I promise.

Kathae 2011-02-06 13:42:09 -0600 Report

If you love pasta like I do, go to dreamfields website. Their pasta has a lot less carbs than regular pasta and it is delicious. That doesn't mean I eat it every night of the week, but don't feel so bad about having it once in a while.

tabby9146 2011-02-06 18:01:21 -0600 Report

That is what I do tooI love Dreamfield's and Barilla doesn't spike my blood sugar much either and seems to be just as good, their wheat pasta.

jodi12187 2011-02-05 20:08:25 -0600 Report

Thank you very much Diane for your advice it is alot to absorb and is a bit confusing -wanting this but if you do eat that you have to elimate that-
thanks again

jeffrey9127 2011-02-05 13:46:17 -0600 Report

Hello Heather. Express your worries and concerns and someone in the DC community will respond and help you with friendly advice. Whether you need to voice your concerns or successes, you are part of a large Family that shares your feelings. Good luck to you, and Best wishes.

Nonna2Three 2011-02-05 13:35:27 -0600 Report

Welcome. I have only been here for a couple of weeks (diagnosed 01-17-11) but I have found there are a lot of very friendly and helpful people here. I am still learning "my" Diabetes, because, as I realized very recently, everyone's Diabetes is different even though it is the same disease. What works for one does not necessarily work for the next and what has a negative effect for one does not necessarily have a negative effect for the next.

I have been working on eliminating sugar and reducing my carbs (I can't really deal with a regular carb counting so I have set a limit of 230grams per day - apparently 15 grams = 1 carb count, but I hate to figure that out over & over so I just add the grams). I have also been working on adding exercise 4 days a week.

As I approach day 21 I think I have done pretty wee since my BG has been in the "normal" range more often that not this last week or so.

Search the discussion boards if you have a question, and if you don't find what you are looking for - post a new discussion thread. I promise you will get replies!

jodi12187 2011-02-05 20:12:52 -0600 Report

well I have been losing weight since last July -Weight Watchers online-
nd I have been doing great that way but since I have been watching the carbs and sugar I have been really tired and weak lately…I have been exercising and stuff but still …

RAYT721 2011-02-05 13:13:08 -0600 Report

Melissa pretty much summarized what I was going to write with the "one day at a time" comment because she's right on. You can't change your whole world overnight or you'll fall short and burn out. Take baby steps to educating yourself on the importance of control and it'll mean more to you … and you'll accomplish more! Stop any "I can't" statements … and substitute them with the "I can" statements. I CAN win. Ya know… You CAN too!!!

melissa5786 2011-02-05 11:09:57 -0600 Report

Welcome Heather!

This disease can be very scary, but you have so much support here that there's nothing to be afraid of. We all know what you're going through and we're here to help.

My best advice to you right now is to just take it one day at a time. Things will get easier as you get used to living with diabetes. Some days are going to be harder than others, but things always get better.