Random BG spikes - Normal?

By Nonna2Three Latest Reply 2011-02-06 16:43:52 -0600
Started 2011-02-04 14:17:38 -0600

I had a BG over 200 for the first time in 13 days and I see no cause for it. The only thing different today was breakfast, and that was only a difference in the cereal I ate. Both were Special K. Yesterday was Blueberry - 11:00 BG was 154. Today was Cinnamon Pecan - BG 221. I looked at the nutrition labels and would have thought the Cinnamon Pecan was a better option (only by 1 digit in any category), but no, today I had to inject a supplemental Humalog.

I will see what happens when I eat the Special K Cinnamon Pecan again. But I am still curious why the random increase in BG with such a subtle, if even acknowledge-able, difference.

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Nonna2Three 2011-02-06 15:17:41 -0600 Report

Well, I ate the same cereal again yesterday morning and this morning. I woke at my normal time both mornings and ate at my normal time both morning.

Yesterday I tested my BG at the regular intervals - 8:00 BG 90 & 11:00 BG 102.

So, assuming the issue the day before was related to the shorter time between getting up and eating and then taking the 11:00 BG check I decided to do an extra BG check this morning. This morning I tested my BG at 8:00 and it was 86. I checked at 10:00 and it was 111. So since it was not back up into the 200 range with the abbreviated test interval I have no explanation.

This journey is really going to be a roller coaster ride - never really knowing what caused spikes and what caused lows.

On the bright side - I don't look at the cereal with a suspicious eye anymore, which is a good thing since it really does taste good!

Graylin Bee
Graylin Bee 2011-02-06 16:43:52 -0600 Report

Seems sometimes my BG does the unexpected hghs and lows despite a routine or lack thereof. I think maybe it could be caused by the way my body is malfunctioning that is the root cause of the Diabetes. Either insulin resistance, eratic insulin production or whatever else. Other times I know it is because I ate too many carbs, waited too long to eat, or stress, or etc…
Good to know your cereal is not the culprit. One less food too avoid.

MewElla 2011-02-06 16:09:25 -0600 Report

Honestly, with so many things to watch out for everyday, it is the biggest roller coaster ride of my life. Never a dull minute, right? I'm so glad you are back to normal and all is good…Take care.

MewElla 2011-02-04 16:14:23 -0600 Report

So many variables in everyday life, mood, stress, difference in time readings are taken all make such a difference. I find that everyday is a new day in my diabetic journey. Just keep trying to hang on and do the right things…

Nonna2Three 2011-02-04 19:12:44 -0600 Report

Thanks MewElla. It may just be because I slept an hour later this morning & had breakfast an hour later than the days I ate the Blueberry Special K. I am going to watch this and see, since I have a box of cereal that has only had 1 breakfast used out of it.

kdroberts 2011-02-04 14:24:27 -0600 Report

Diabetes is personal, even though it may look the same on the box similar foods may have completely different results. The other thing you need to look at is the serving size of both the nutritional info and what you ate. It's not uncommon for cereals made by the same company to have the nutritional info from different serving sizes (for instance 3/4 cup vs 1 cup). If you ate a bigger serving of the cinnamon one that would also be a reason for the rise. Lastly, what was your blood sugar before you ate each one and how long after you ate did you test? If your blood sugar started off 50 points higher then that would explain the difference or if you tested at different time intervals.

That's all ignoring things like meter variance, stress, changes in activity levels, possible illness/infection and the diabetes gremlin.

Nonna2Three 2011-02-04 15:26:55 -0600 Report

Thank you for the reply. I verified the serving sizes are the same. I also tested at the same time. But yes, yesterday my 8:00 a.m. was 82, while today I overslept so I took it at 9:00 a.m. and it was 99.

And the differences with the 2 cereals are:
Calories - Blueberry 110/Cinnamon Pecan 120
Calories from Fat - Blueberry 0/Cinnamon Pecan 15
Total Fat - Blueberry 0/Cinnamon Pecan 2
Sodium - Blueberry 140/Cinnamon Pecan 180
Carbohydrates - Blueberry 28g/Cinnamon Pecan 24g
Sugars - Blueberry 8g/Cinnamon Pecan 7g
Other carbohydrates - Blueberry 15g/Cinnamon Pecan 14g

And the difference in the two early BG was a 17 point difference, yet the difference in the 11:00 a.m. readings is 67.

But apparently the slight differences in all that makes a big difference.

Still so much to learn!

Bunny Cakes
Bunny Cakes 2011-02-04 17:27:03 -0600 Report

Well it might not just be the difference in BG it could also be the difference in the content of the cereal. Perhaps cinnamon or pecans and your diabetes do not get along or maybe there is a difference in the flakes that your diabetes does not work with.

Everyone's diabetes is different and that makes each bit of food act differently for us. You may be able to eat all you want of the blueberry but you might have to watch how you eat cinnamon pecan. Test it over a few occasions to see if it was a fluke or if there is something about that cereal/nut combination you have to be careful with.

Nonna2Three 2011-02-04 19:10:38 -0600 Report

Thank you, yes, I will test it over time and see if the Cinnamon Pecan does that consistently or if today was just a fluke. I'm hoping it was a fluke because I have never really cared much for breakfast, so eating breakfast at all is a push. I am trying to find a cereal that I like well enough to be sure I keep breakfast in the plan. Thanks again!

Bunny Cakes
Bunny Cakes 2011-02-04 19:17:18 -0600 Report

Well even if it is causing the issue try to find something else to fill the spot. Breakfast can be something other than cereal. Try eating fruit and toast or some eggs/egg whites and other breakfast type foods.

Sometimes I get weird and want a quick salad for breakfast. Or I'll have some yogurt and granola to change things up.

Don't give up just move on to something else, don't let anything make you stop eating right.

EJMac 2011-02-04 23:32:22 -0600 Report

I learn so much from reading these posts. This is a really complicated disease isn't it? It's kind of like a puzzle we have to solve day by day. It sure makes life interesting and challenging doesn't it?? I do think I am up to the challenge. When people share their experiences, it sometimes puts the pieces of my puzzle together faster. Thanks.

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