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Hooray!!!! Happy, happy news! TJ is walking with a new prosthesis! Granted, it's just a few steps at a time and he still has to have his walker and wheelchair but it has done wonders for his spirits! His dr told him that the really hard work begins now. He'll have a couple of months to practice in the house before he can test drive his new foot outside. Fortunately, he has a long hallway in the house that he can practice on.
Unfortuntely, he is having a lot of problems with dialysis. He gets really bad migraines whenever they start his treatments. He still has a large urine output and the treatment removes too much fluid from his system. They have him on the minimum fluid removal but the migraines are bad enough that he skips about one treatment a week. He is talking to his dr about doing the home bag system. He'll have to have another surgery to put the dialysis tubes in his stomach. Doing the treatment at home should take care of the migraines.
This, of course, has been a big adjustment in and to his former lifestyle, and I just want to point out, again, how important it is to keep up and be proactive about taking care of your diabetes. That means arming yourself with all the help you can get and letting others know and how you are coping with this diesease. Thank you all for all your good wishes and prayers!

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RAYT721 2011-02-04 19:18:25 -0600 Report

Thank you so much for the update, my friend. There is progress there which I am so happy to hear about. We all have so much to learn from and about each other. Your testimonial to being a loving and supportive parent is inspirational. Your testimonial is also right on in encouraging others to stay active and proactive in their medical conditions and emotional conditions as well.

ston3xc 2011-02-05 13:23:09 -0600 Report

You don't think I'm climbing up on my soapbox too much, do you? I guess when something happens to you or your own, you can get a little too focused on trying to spread the word and save everybody. I have seen so many family members go through the consequences of not taking care of themselves, I forget that TJ never had to watch what would happen if he did'nt.
Thank You! for your support.

RAYT721 2011-02-05 13:41:32 -0600 Report

You have a story to share and while it's not all roses and sunshine, it's a true story of hope and inspiration and love. I would not call that a soapbox. Many of us (like I) genuinely care about you and TJ. Sometimes the stories you write about may only benefit you for the self-expression of it if the story is falling upon deaf ears but it's nobody's place to judge you for sharing and caring and loving your son, your self and us (strangers). Keep on spreading the word, my friend. What your son has, is and will go through is REALITY. That's not a soapbox. You are a kind and loving person, Mom, and friend. I am proud to be a part of your world in the good times and bad times. That, my dear, is what friendship is all about. I'd like to have MORE friends like you… real, genuine, loving, compassionate, etc. In short, I love you as that friend who can make me laugh at times and make me cry at others but who is with me (and us) to show us that we are all human. We make mistakes. Sometimes we learn, sometimes we don't. In short, I would like to say THANK YOU for your honesty, wisdom and genuine friendship.

ston3xc 2011-02-05 14:16:05 -0600 Report

Your words have truly touched my heart, and I thank you for Your friendship. I believe that being a diabetic can make you a realist whether you want to be or not. It just takes some people a little longer to "see the light"!
I like reading all the things you post,because you give really knowledgeable advice. Thanks again!

MewElla 2011-02-04 18:19:19 -0600 Report

You and your son and family are in my thoughts and prayers. I hope each day gets better for TJ. God Bless you.

ston3xc 2011-02-05 13:28:50 -0600 Report

TJ has been dealing with his situation a lot better than I ever exepected. We just have to rely on God's good grace, and hope that he does'nt get discouraged with any setbacks that might crop up. Thank you!

CaliKo 2011-02-04 12:47:21 -0600 Report

Thanks for the update, and I happy that TJ is adjusting and liking his prosthesis. I hope his dialysis gets easier, is he eligible for a transplant? Continued thoughts and prayers for continued healing.

ston3xc 2011-02-04 17:50:21 -0600 Report

Sadly, TJ will probably not be eligible for a transplant, at least, not for awhile. You have to be completely compliant with your dialysis treatments and he has aleady proved that he will not be. They are very carefull about who gets a chance to recieve a kidney. With all the improvements in car safety, there are fewer kidneys to go around.

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