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Royal Abuta Plus Tm I was told by the lady in the store that her son has Type 1 and he start taking it and it lowered hus sugar he stopped it for a wile and the sugar went back up also R-AlphaLipoic Acid.
I am going to see my Dr. today and I will ask her about it. Also very importend to have your vitamen D level in your body checked this is specially importend for people with diabetis.

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CaliKo 2011-02-04 10:30:16 -0600 Report

Here's an article about Alpha Lipoic Acid, its supposed to be good for helping with glucose control and neuropathy. I haven't seen anything about the other one. Good to ask your doctor first, supplements and herbal solutions may have unexpected results depending on your conditions and medications. I'm always careful with them and discuss with my doctor. Please let us know what your doctor says about them.

outrigger1945 2011-02-04 14:11:48 -0600 Report

I spoke to my Dr. she doesn't trust Alpha Lipoi Acid. She is ok with the other one. Do you have a Viteman store? Yers it is what you said. Maybe this webside will help
www.wholeworldbotanicals.com. P.O. Box 322074 Ft. Wash.Station New York, NY.10032 212-781-6026

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