Is There Really Such A Thing?

By MAYS Latest Reply 2011-02-06 16:49:41 -0600
Started 2011-02-02 21:21:50 -0600

Is there really such a thing as being overly cautious as a diabetic?

Do you read every label, count every carbohydrate, calculate the slightest amount of sugar in processed foods?

Have you discussed this with your dietician, or your diabetes educator?

Is it really worth it?

What's your opinion, and why?


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CoRinaB 2011-02-06 16:49:41 -0600 Report

I don't think one can be overly cautious. We just become more aware of things. I do look at labels all the time. Pretty much everything I buy is Sugar-Free, so it's 1 less thing to worry about. If an item does not have a Sugar Free option, I try NOT to get foods that contain almost as much sugar in it than the total amount of carbs. I've found that Fiber One yogurt is pretty good and so is the Fiber One bars. The bars are great and tasty. I also found that the Sara Lee 45 calorie bread not only has 45 calories per serving, but also has ONLY 14g or 17g of carbs and that's for 2 slices.

Graylin Bee
Graylin Bee 2011-02-04 20:46:58 -0600 Report

Like others have stated - I am more aware of what I am eating. It is automatic to think through what the serving size I eat is and the carbs. Even when I eat a little extra carbs, I am usually aware of the amount.

MAYS 2011-02-05 19:46:26 -0600 Report

Do you rely completely on your calculations, or do you periodically look at the food nutrition labels?

Graylin Bee
Graylin Bee 2011-02-06 01:33:19 -0600 Report

Yes I look at the labels. My memory for numbers can be questionable. Also the ingredients can be changed as the manufacturers like to make new and improved products. But when I face the weekly challenge of Girls' Night Out With Mom there are rarely labels to look at.

Graylin Bee
Graylin Bee 2011-02-06 16:36:00 -0600 Report

We try. She hasn't slowed down much yet at 80. Makes several cakes a day. She has two granddaughter wedding cakes scheduled, one this Fall and one next Spring.

Aaron1977 2011-02-04 13:57:43 -0600 Report

Really good question - thanks!

I would say that I have a heightened awareness of everything I eat rather than obsessively counting every carb. I usually research foods before buying but I often buy the same or similar foods so that helps.

MAYS 2011-02-05 19:41:49 -0600 Report

Researching is a good thing, it is such a great way to learn more about what it is that interest us, does the research pay off for you?

Aaron1977 2011-02-05 20:03:34 -0600 Report

Here's a couple things I've discovered:
Yogurt - Dannon Lit N Fit has the lowest calorie / lowest carbs of all the yogurts that I've found
Bread - Nature's Own White-wheat bread has the highest fiber content of any "good" tasting bread

I tend to stick to the brands that I like the most. For example - Wal-Mart brand cereal bars taste better to me than Nutrigrain - they are cheaper too which is a bonus.

MAYS 2011-02-05 20:39:23 -0600 Report

Thanks for the information.
I have to check these out, have you ever thought about either starting a discussion on this, or posting a article for others to see?
Think about it!

Rainerm 2011-02-03 21:36:20 -0600 Report

I don't even realize that I am doing it anymore. When I grocery shop, I automatically look at the carb count before I put it in the cart. When I look at a piece of fruit, pile of pasta, or slice of bread, I automatically see a number in my head.

BandonBob 2011-02-03 11:11:16 -0600 Report

I am overly cautious and a fanatic about caring for my diabetes. I trackeverything so I will be able to get to the doctor if I see any changes and will have documentation to show her. I don't think that with such a devastatin disease one can ever be too cautious.

MAYS 2011-02-05 19:33:41 -0600 Report

I love your sense, and system of dedication to documentation.
It's true that one can never, ever be to cautious concerning diabetes!

alanbossman 2011-02-03 10:29:02 -0600 Report

I believe you should read every label and count very carb. We all need to be the very best we can be with our diabetes. I don't want the the alternative of having to not care about my self and just give in to diabetes. My uncle did and he died from diabetes by not following the dotors orders. So I do have to take care of my self even if it sounds like being overly cautious .

MAYS 2011-02-05 19:31:10 -0600 Report

Alan, I agree with you about not giving in to diabetes, even if it means taking some time out to read the food labels, caution now prevents complications later!

GabbyPA 2011-02-02 22:15:28 -0600 Report

Being overly cautious is not a bad thing, especially as you are learning how to deal with your disease. However; being obsessive compulsive about it and it ruling your every move can drive away any kind of support and feeling of normalcy you might otherwise have. There is a fine line and we all cross it back and forth at different times. I always am doing my best when I am close to that line. The more attention I pay to details, the better control I have. When I get too confident, I tend to get lazy or sloppy...and then I have to start again.

MewElla 2011-02-02 21:30:23 -0600 Report

I try my best everyday to do the best I can with my diabetes. After all, this is my life and it is totally up to me. My dietician taught me to be very careful with reading and understanding labels and remember the counts I should have for the carbs, watching out for the sugars. Most definitely I am worth it!! Makes me feel good that I am taking care of myself and I feel it (most of the time) on the inside. From the one year I have lived with diabetes, I know if I were to fudge here and there, the numbers would take off and run and I will not allow this, I have worked too hard to get to this point.