Portion Size Food Counts!

By MewElla Latest Reply 2011-02-04 22:21:33 -0600
Started 2011-02-02 18:50:33 -0600

Anybody here have my problem? I underestimate portion size and sometimes eat excess calories, even when the fat content is low or zero. Do you use food scale, measurings cups and spoons?

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MewElla 2011-02-04 20:43:52 -0600 Report

You know I guess we all have to do what works for us. I even bought a child's portioned plate (the kind with the dividers) and used it at first to help me with the size of my food portions…plate was pink friendly, but you know it did help me.

Graylin Bee
Graylin Bee 2011-02-04 22:21:33 -0600 Report

They have some really cute divided plates, I have a set somewhere I forgot about. I have few small snack bowls that limit how many baby carrots, or whatever, that I can stuff into them.

Graylin Bee
Graylin Bee 2011-02-04 20:32:06 -0600 Report

Last year I bought a cute bowl with lines of fishes on the inside. So I just haave to measure to the line that I know is a serving size. It is almost idiot proof. I really need the simple things in the morning, well, really most of the time.

GabbyPA 2011-02-02 22:23:12 -0600 Report

My diabetes job jar had a card in it that says "For a week you will measure ALL your food portions" And it helps a LOT. In fact, that is what I drew this week to do.

The dietitian that taught my diabetes education class said that you get to where you can eye ball things, but you always have to go back and keep yourself honest. It's funny how large a 1/2 cup serving of a favorite food can get when we are "guestimating" LOL I use measuring cups as they keep me the most accurate. I use a food scale for meat portions mostly.

re1ndeer 2011-02-02 20:47:58 -0600 Report

I have the opposite problem as you I over estimate portion sizes. No I don't use a food scale (looking to purchase one). But, I do use measuring cups and spoons.

My problem is I can see a piece of meat before cooking and it is playing card size, (which it should be), but the height of the meat could be anywhere from 1/2" to 1" in height. So, I'm not sure what the height should be to be the right size for cooking. So, I feel i over eat, which is not good for me or my bathroom scale.

MewElla 2011-02-04 20:46:02 -0600 Report

Honestly, I have never thought so much about food, portions, etc, in my life as I have this past year…but now, you know, I realize my life and good health depends on it. So I best learn all this, right? Thanks re1ndeer…