Type 2 diabetes support

By Tasha/Bellie Latest Reply 2011-06-01 02:00:46 -0500
Started 2011-02-02 17:09:18 -0600

Hi my name is mona I am looking for support and t friends that also are struggling with type 2 diabetes when I say struggling i mean with the right foods to buy to control blood sugars and also someone to exercise with i live in the Belmont Ma area. if there is any one out there please I would love to talk to you I am a 43 year old woman. I hope to hear from someone soon Thanks Mona

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Trudie Ann
Trudie Ann 2011-06-01 02:00:46 -0500 Report

Hi Mona; I wish I did live near you. I don't exercise as much as I should. I think it would be awesome to find someone to exercise with. I wish you good luck. You are an inspiration for me.

VickieF 2011-02-03 01:38:18 -0600 Report

Hello Mona, Nice to meet you. Unfortunately I live to far away also. You will find on here that we are all scattered all over the place. It is very helpful and encouraging to have all of this support. Everyone is just great and you will not find anyone that understands better than those who are going through are have gone through what you are.

Harlen 2011-02-02 23:08:57 -0600 Report

Hello and welcome
It is a job lol and finding somone to work out with is a hard thing sometimes
I am in Maine so I cant help you with somone to workout with
You will see as you read the post here theres a lot of info on what to eat
counting carb is the only way to go ,with out it I would be lost
Best wishes

CaliKo 2011-02-02 17:19:08 -0600 Report

Hi Mona, I'm too far away to be your exercise buddy, but I always suggest fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, fish or poultry, low-fat dairy products, olive oil, as basics for a good diet, diabetic or otherwise. Are you testing your blood glucose to see how the foods you are eating are affecting you? Welcome to the community.