Profile Page Changed?

By Nonna2Three Latest Reply 2011-02-15 21:58:55 -0600
Started 2011-02-01 12:49:47 -0600

I am mistaken, or did we lose a link that was at the top of our profile page to took us to the Home page? I thought it was at the top of my profile page but it is not there today. Now I have to click the Diabetic Connect logo in the top left to get off my profile. I guess I will eventually learn that as habit, but it sure is a stumble today.

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vgarrison 2011-02-02 22:40:29 -0600 Report

You know it's amazing how much you use something and don't even realise it until it's gone…so what I'm now wondering is how many emails John got about this…Imma thinking that he logged in today and saw ummm lets say 20 messages…ohhh lets turn it into a game…LOl…ok I need sleep…

Nonna2Three 2011-02-02 12:40:14 -0600 Report

Thanks all! I'm glad it's not just my imagination. I have enough stuff out of whack these days without my mind going south with the rest of my body!

Bunny Cakes
Bunny Cakes 2011-02-02 10:56:32 -0600 Report

Okay good I'm not losing my mind, lol. I thought we had a button there too but was willing to chalk it up to my imagination.

GabbyPA 2011-02-02 09:11:40 -0600 Report

I didn't notice it until you mentioned it. I have let them know and we will see what happens. Kind of like taking your car to the mechanic. You fix one thing and something else gets broken. LOL

vgarrison 2011-02-01 14:24:04 -0600 Report

Your not mistaken…I noticed it yesterday as well…since the badge were implimented the profile page has changed…and now you don't have the links on the left like before…I was gonna let John know.