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I have been reading the posts for about two weeks and it seems like you guys really do support each other. I developed diabetes after a whipple surgery for pancreatic cancer. I've had it about 4 years -mostly controlled by metformin.Just recently the blood sugars have gotten much higher. I found out I now have lung cancer for which I have had radiation in Dec. 2010.
The endocrinologist put me on Lantus and humalog if needed at each meal. For some reason this has finally woke me up to the fact that I need to eat right AND EXERCISE. I have done great this past month and hope the motivation stays. Now they told me there is some kidney problems-appt on Feb 22. I'm doing the best I can right now in the way of healthy eating & exercise-guess the rest is up to God. At times I feel just like giving up, but something clicks in and I begin to fight for a decent life again. Good use some support. I'm scared that the kedney problem could be serious. Elaine

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Dr Gary
Dr GaryCA 2011-02-02 14:52:13 -0600 Report

Hi Elaine!

Welcome to Diabetic Connect. We are happy to have you here!

I'm sorry you are dealing with so much right now. But I'm glad you are keeping up with the healthy eating and exercise -- you can only do the best you can, but it sounds like you are doing a lot. Support -- from friends, and from God -- adds a whole lot of muscle behind your fight.

So stay close to your friends. We are here 24/7. And keep us posted on how you're doing!

VickieF 2011-02-02 01:24:16 -0600 Report

WOW! My Prayers are also with you. This is a great group I know that I am so glad to have joined it.I am so glad that you found it too. I think it should be manditory information given out when one is diagnosed with diabeties. Now I would like to share another site with you and the rest. has a Web site and anyone can join it. They have a disscution group similar to this and I belive maybe a chat also. They have FAQ site and you can ask questions, that DR.s will answer for you. I wish that I had known about this site when I was caring for my Mother. GOD BLESS You and we are here for you.

swanslake54 2011-02-01 16:03:10 -0600 Report

Hey Elaine, please know that you are in my prayers. You are so right about the support on this site. I'm scheduled for surgery tomorrow and I can tell you the prayers and well-wishes have been a God-send. One of my favorite scriptures is "I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills from whence cometh my help, my help comes from the Lord who made heaven and earth. Keep the faith he's the God of impossibilities.

RAYT721 2011-02-01 15:51:02 -0600 Report

This community/family is a great place to share both good and bad with us. I know when I take on the label of "friend" it is a serious thing and have communications with some amazing people. I'm sorry to hear about all that you have, are and will be going through. We are here for you and while we may not have all of the answers, we share genuine concern for you… sincerely. My thoughts and prayers go to you. Please rely on us for that emotional support, the doctors for the medical side, and your determination for the physical side. Prayer may not help… but it won't hurt!!! HUGZ.

vgarrison 2011-02-01 14:34:32 -0600 Report

This site has literally helped to save my life. There are so many people on here that have great advice, are a wall to bounce ideas off of, as well as sholders to cry on…I hope everything goes well for you on your next appt and that whatever is going on is either reversable or not as bad as I'm sure your expecting (I think we all do that)…Good LUCK!!!

Blessed Be

Nonna2Three 2011-02-01 12:47:07 -0600 Report

Hello and welcome. I too am relatively new to this site, but I have found sooo much helpful information int he discussion threads. And for me it took a diagnosis of Diabetes to make me look seriously at changing my eating habits. I can't say that I have not truly missed the foods I have had to give up, but I can also say i have not been hungry since I have found plenty enough that I can eat. Blessings & prayers to you for a quick & successful recovery!

Harlen 2011-02-01 08:37:55 -0600 Report

Hello and welcome
I am so glad you located this site theres a lot of good info and frends here
If your looking for support you got it this is the place to be .
I am so sorry your going thrue all this Diabetis is hard as it is with out all the rest.
If you have any Q just ask I would be glad to help in any way I can
Best wishes

re1ndeer 2011-02-01 07:07:56 -0600 Report

Hi, and Welcome to the DC Community. I too am on Humalog, but Levemir (which is like Lantus). I have some kidney problems also, I have had renal failure. So if you need to talk, I'm here.

I'm sorry to hear about your cancer's. As they say God doesn't give you something you can't handle.

It's good to see that you are starting to eat right and doing exercise. If there are days you just want to relax do so.

Whatever don't give up, there are people here to support you.

EJMac 2011-02-01 10:27:48 -0600 Report

Thanks for your repy. Does someone get better after renal failure. I thought it doesn't get better.

re1ndeer 2011-02-01 11:02:31 -0600 Report

It depends on when they catch it. I was in the hospital for 15 days, last April. I was in a drug induced coma for 11 days of the visit. I had a kidney stone that got lodged in the bladder and backed up the entire system. Result was kidney failure. They ended up putting a stent into my kidney to catch further stones that I may get. I'm also, on a special high blood pressure medicine that does not affect the kidneys and I'm on a low-oxadate diet.

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