Cushing's Syndrome/Disease

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I am currently in the process of determining a cause for many symptoms that I have been deaing & coping with for a number of years now. My new Endocrinologist changed my treatment plan from insulin to Victoza (which was successful in control BS) but during this time, but coincidentally I became nauseated with slight dull pain in abdominal area and shoulder pain. I had a CT Scan to rule out Pancreatitus. Because of the CT, many incidental findings were discovered…cyst on kidney, 3 lesions on spleen, fatty liver, masses on adrenal glands. We also discovered that my cortisol levels were real high as well as pancreatic enzymes. I exhibit all of the signs and symptoms of Cushing's D/S. In a way, it is a great relief to know that there is an explanation to everything that I have been complaining about for so long…it's not just me! Cushing's can cause diabetes and also has many of the same characteristics of diabetes. Many times when high blood sugar is discovered in routine lab work, diabetes is diagnosed and the standard protocol is administered, thus every complication that arises afterwards is blamed on uncontrolled glucose levels. When in fact in may be more complicated than that…underlying issues! Cushing's is very rare…10-15 in a million. Does anyone else here have any simular experiences?

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