Insanity and P90X

By Aaron1977 Latest Reply 2011-02-03 20:48:07 -0600
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I'm doing this workout program called Insanity. It is a cardio / plyometric aerobics program done by the same people who did P90X. It is a 60 day program and I'm halfway through. I'm happy to say that I've lost some pounds and I've gone down a pant size. Hopefully I'll have dropped another pant size by the end of Month 2! I enjoy it so much that I'm planning on doing P90X after I finish Insanity and then a short break. Obviously my diabetes has presented some challenges but I've done my best to work through them. Its nice to work out at home especially when I have any lows - much easier to treat.

Has anyone done P90X? Are there any other workout programs that people have done that they would recommend?

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museumgal 2011-02-03 20:48:07 -0600 Report

I just started P90X 2 weeks ago…it is REALLY hard, but I do feel better in terms of my overall health. It has been a challenge in terms of bloodsugars with lots of lows and some highs. I would say try it if you are super motivated…my husband and I are doing it together and that really helps; don't know if I'd have kept going without that other person to get me going!

akearl 2011-01-31 22:31:29 -0600 Report

I tried to do insanity with my boyfriend about 4 months ago and this was before we found out i had type 1. I got so sick after and a few days later we went to the hospital and they told me i had type 1 diabetes! If it wasnt for insanity, i would probably be either dead or still unaware because my sugar was at 1064 when i went to the hospital and the doctors were amazed that i was coherent. Its a great workout though!

Aaron1977 2011-02-01 11:10:33 -0600 Report

Wow - amazing story! How are you adapting to being diabetic?

akearl 2011-02-01 11:28:03 -0600 Report

its life changing, but the hardest part is being in college trying to adapt to the changes. I have to plan my classes around an eating schedule and i have to spend more money when i go to the store just to make sure i have healthy things to eat. They pulled up my medical records and i had symptoms when i was 16 but none of the doctors caught on to it. Im 21 now so to have possibly had it for 5 years without knowing is scary.

Rainerm 2011-01-29 11:39:58 -0600 Report

I prefer to work out at home, as well. I started running/walking in my neighborhood for 20 minutes (which kept me close to home…just in case). This was pretty low impact, but I dropped some pounds. I then started a group cycling/spinning class for 30 minutes…which is great. I can keep my tester/sugar on the floor right next to my bike. I was a little afraid to move to a 45 minute spinning class, for fear of lows, and then I found out that my instructor is also type 1 and wears a pump! Safety in numbers!
I would also recommend going to the store and looking at the videos and DVD's that they have to offer. I was able to find an exercise that I thought would work well for me. I can fit in a quick workout at home when I have a few minutes.

Aaron1977 2011-01-29 13:29:27 -0600 Report

Thanks! I've done spinning before and it is fun. I usually bring gatorade or juice with me to prevent lows. Its a great workout!

Rainerm 2011-01-31 20:28:20 -0600 Report

I saw someone in my class the other day with Gatorade and I was thinking I would try that! Last class, my sugars dropped from the high 200's to 104 in 45 minutes!

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