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No more burgers out. OK and no soda OK
Getting use to a job where I work for someone else.
Now I have lunches lined up to take to work.
Always looking for breakfast stuff to eat this is challenging right now.
Triglicerides up to 1200
Need to loose 50 lbs.
But I feel better since getting my lunches together.
Got any ideas on breakfast ?

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Avera 2008-12-02 12:00:13 -0600 Report

I found this low carb bread online that I order so I can even have toast for breakfast if I like. I usually fix a bacon and egg sandwich on this bread and my carbs are way low this way. Also, the sandwich is easy to take along when driving to work.

Some mornings I am so lazy. I will toast two pieces of my low carb bread and take it with me as I stop at a fast food place. I order the cheapest egg and bacon biscuit, them take the egg and bacon out of the biscuit and put it on my bread. I throw the biscuit to the birds.

Sailor - 20977
Sailor - 20977 2008-12-11 16:20:43 -0600 Report

Oh Yeah I'm cracking up but you do what you have to do to get yourself to eat! Thanks for the bread info.

2catty 2008-12-11 16:27:45 -0600 Report

I use tortilla wraps lots less carbs. Just stuff it with your favorite breakfast foods, but try to avoid fatty stuff since your watching your triglycerides. I put lowfat cheese and ham and eggs. It's really good.

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