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I just wrote a brief review in the "Book Club" about a book I am in the process of reading from the local library called "Super Foods for Seniors" by the Editors of FC&A Medical Publishing.

With 344 pages of text plus a rather impressive "sources" guide to give additional websites, articles, books and studies for the reader to investigate for more information and statistics, the book has far too much to share everything that I am learning within a single discussion; however, I did want to recommend the book to other members who get conflicting information on what is good or bad for diabetics, the depressed, those with organ issues, etc. Some of the information in the book will suggest that one food or mineral is good for one thing while bad for another so a simple turning through just one chapter probably won't answer all of your questions on what you should or shouldn't eat.

I would suggest (as I intend to put to practice) making a list of the foods that a person likes and that the body likes with the pros and cons of each food to help build a menu plan that will work. I believe that all in all a sensible diet is made up on moderation and portion control to include a variety of good foods that are good for you. The ideal diet will be one that combines safe and sane amounts of vitamins, minerals, chemicals, etc.

The title "Super Foods for Seniors" may sound limited to its audience but nutritional fact is nutritional fact. A senior's body may require certain daily requirements that younger or older people may not have but the foods that are discussed explain the reasons each item may or may not help with a certain ailment.

I would suggest this book as a "keeper" book rather than merely reading one time and trying to absorb all of the information being presented but I do suggest looking into it.

There are super foods out there! They are as super and yet as individual as we all are. Get the facts from super books like this one.

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GabbyPA 2011-01-26 10:18:18 -0600 Report

Will this make us superman and superwoman? I do like your idea of putting the pros and cons of foods we like. I have a list on the firge...I need to look at it more closely sometimes though.

MewElla 2011-01-26 08:01:38 -0600 Report

I need to get this book. Hard to remember about all the foods, carbs, fat, etc. This is the hard part for me. Thanks for sharing info..

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