By BandonBob Latest Reply 2011-01-25 15:05:02 -0600
Started 2011-01-25 12:15:54 -0600

How can we add a hyperlink to the discussion we might start?

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jayabee52 2011-01-25 13:05:40 -0600 Report

Bob, What I do, whether it is a discussion in DC I want to link to, or another website, is I highlight the address in the address bar, copy it, and then paste it into the discussion. I think it's very simple, but then I 've been doing that for a while..

kdroberts 2011-01-25 13:02:15 -0600 Report

Type or paste it into the reply box.

BandonBob 2011-01-25 14:30:08 -0600 Report

I tried copying and pasting the link in from the address bar but I only get a copy of the link not a link someone just click on. Or does it need to be posted to make the link active?

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