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Hello everyone. I've seen many posts from different people about all of the different types of medications people are on. I've had type 1 for 27 years and the only meds I am on are Apidra insulin (via a pump) and a daily blood pressure med called Lisinopril which I take mostly as a preventative. I also take a Vitamin D supplement.

If you don't mind sharing - what exactly do you take? I'm just curious if there is something I'm missing. I usually bring a list of questions to my endocrinologist apptmts - next one is in about 3 weeks. Just wondering if there is anything I should add…


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realsis77 2011-01-23 17:55:50 -0600 Report

Hi I take my 24 hour insulin called lantus then to cover my meals I take humulinR and then I take januvia to help lower my blood gluclose also. This is my treatment for my diabetes and its working out well for me. :)

Aaron1977 2011-01-23 20:37:41 -0600 Report

I used to be on a Humulin R and NPH combo - then they switched me to Lantus / Apidra combo - and when I switched to the insulin pump - I'm on Apidra only. I've not heard of Januvia - can you tell me any more about it?

realsis77 2011-01-24 12:08:48 -0600 Report

Hi januvia is supposed to help lower my blood gluclose numbers. I will be completely honnest with you. I don't think it works very well and it has a tendency to give me a headache! I will be talking to my doctor about stoping it. I believe it is supposed to stimulate the panceras into producing more insulin but it hasn't worked for me. What has worked well for me is the lantus insulin added to the humulinR. I take the lantus in the am then after meals take the humulin R. I was first put on the januvia before I took insulin and my readings were in the 400 range! It was awful! It didn't do a thing for me but doctor kept me on it. I will be asking next appointment if I can just stop it all together. The only think I've noticed with januvia is a headache! It dosent help me in anyway! Thank God for insulin because now I feel so much better and as long as I keep up with my injections my numbers are good! So I've got a working treatment plan finally now with the insulin but in all honesty I can not recomend januvia because its done nothing for me besides the headache! Its a new drug and I even increased my doses and still nothing…that's when I was put on the insulins. But the doctor never cut out the januvia yet…like I said I will be asking him to get off of it on next appointment. I know pills work for some people but not me. I needed my insulin. I was falling asleep after I ate and id go so high I could not be woken up. Id get real dizzy and I was constantly running dangerously high. That's all changed now thank God for insulin!!!! I hope I answered your question concerning januvia. Sorry I couldn't find any positive things about it but I must be honnest with you! Well I hope you have a great day! And God bless!