Thought I'd post this to the community...

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Danni I absolutely relate to your situation. My first visit to this sight was in 2008. I did pretty good then i got complacent…kind of the self pity denial thing. Actually just tired of dealing with it. I haven't been back on here until today In Nov. 2010 I had part of my toe on the right foot amputated. Believe it or not that was a blessing it was about to become the whole foot had I not went to the emergency room because of the swelling to where i couldn't get my work boot on. Infection set in the bone…i have pretty bad neuropathy also…i know what the wadded up sock feeling is like…and I know that feeling of sometimes your foot doesn't even feel like your own. I am now the official poster child for diabetes management LOL… "ITS NOT A MATTER OF IF ONE WILL CONCEDE TO MANAGING DIABETES..ITS SIMPLY A MATTER OF WHEN… Take it from experience the SOONER the BETTER!!! Take care guys & gals. Decided to post out here too…Love this site more than ever NOW..

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