My Health Insurance Cancelled!!!

By Kaiyle Latest Reply 2011-01-25 22:23:11 -0600
Started 2011-01-19 11:16:25 -0600

I had affordable health insurance for years, but when I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, my insurance was cancelled due to having this disease. Not even submitting medical records, that proved how well I am maintaining good health with this disease, would reverse their decision.

I am looking forward to 2014 when affordable insurance will be officially required and offered in every state for people who have pre-existing conditions. I can't wait to call that insurance company and say, "Remember me?" Meanwhile, I'm finding help through and through Health Resources and Services Administration.

What are your thoughts on being penalized by health insurance companies for diseases that are beyond your control? What steps have you taken to get some kind of healthcare insurance or assistance?

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rj 2011-01-21 17:17:28 -0600 Report

So sorry Kaiyle…I was going to mention med assist to you but I see you already have a bead on it…They have helped my mom with her macular degeneration her shots are $2000 dollars a piece…they are working w/ medicare and Mom…I know we've never met but I will be praying for you..

Kaiyle 2011-01-21 18:45:40 -0600 Report

Hello Rj. Grace and peace be unto you and your family. Thank you so much for your prayers. May you and your family be exceedingly, extraordinarily, and exceptionally blessed.

Dr Gary
Dr GaryCA 2011-01-21 12:35:34 -0600 Report

Hello friend!

I am so sorry to hear that you have run into a wall with your health insurance. To be honest, this is an issue that my clients often bring up with me, and I always feel so powerless, just as they do. I say to myself, if you really want to help people facing chronic medical conditions, you also need to know more about how they can finance their care. I have social worker friends I call and am often disappointed to hear that they aren't exactly a fountain of resources either, including those who work in hospital settings.

As you said, what you are experiencing is the challenge of getting adequate healthcare. The issue of pre-existing conditions, and being cancelled for actually needing to access care, is all too common.

I don't know if you have looked into a patient assistance plan for any medications you are on, but I have had clients at least get free medications through the pharaceutical company that manufactures their key medications.

I suspect you are leaving no stone unturned, and wanted to suggest one more.

Please keep us posted on how you are doing. My heart goes out to you!


Kaiyle 2011-01-21 14:50:56 -0600 Report

Hello my lovely friend!

Thank you so much Doc for taking the time to share with me. You're absolutely right about my not leaving any stones unturned. I actually did learn of a program in my area called Med Assist that will lessen greatly the amount of money I'll pay for my medications. Phew…thank God!!!

Dr Gary
Dr GaryCA 2011-01-22 17:29:00 -0600 Report

Fantastic! So glad to hear that you are making so much progress. This is great news!

Kaiyle 2011-01-24 09:41:12 -0600 Report

I am grateful for the assistance I've found, but my goal is to find a health insurance company that will offer me affordable coverage. I was paying less than a $140 a month for health insurance. I don't expect to see numbers like that again, but I pray I can at least see them less than $300 a month.

Dr Gary
Dr GaryCA 2011-01-24 15:58:28 -0600 Report

Wow, you were getting a great deal! I am self-employed and I am paying so much for it. People who have regular jobs with health insurance often have no idea what an amazing benefit that is until they are have to get it on their own. I love being self employed, so I am not complaining. But as you also know, getting your own health insurance is no walk in the park.

Kaiyle 2011-01-25 21:34:53 -0600 Report

I'm self employed too, and I do miss those days when all I had to pay for health insurance was around $25.00 a month and the company paid the rest. I just believe that things will work out for my good and for the good of us all.

Dr Gary
Dr GaryCA 2011-01-25 22:02:57 -0600 Report

I agree with you. There is always somthing to learn, something to help us grow, something to share with others. We are all in this together!

Kaiyle 2011-01-25 22:23:11 -0600 Report

I must say that it is an honor to be in this together with the creme de la creme of people here. This site and its beautiful and extraordinary people are truly a blessing to me.

tinahall1980 2011-01-20 04:23:31 -0600 Report

did u check into medicaid state run insurance it isnt the best but works when u need it

Kaiyle 2011-01-20 09:50:37 -0600 Report

Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but you have to be either pregnant, a single mother, disabled, or 65 to qualify for medicaid. None of these qualifications apply to me.

joni55 2011-01-20 19:16:08 -0600 Report

Medicaid is also determined by your income level. I am on SSDI and when my husband died, I got a widow's benefit, putting me over the income limit to be on medicaid any longer. I had many benefits suddenly cut off.

squog master
squog master 2011-01-20 22:11:33 -0600 Report

That just happened to me. I had medicaid then when my disability was approved I lost my medicaid cause I'm getting $100 over the limit.

Kaiyle 2011-01-20 20:53:54 -0600 Report

Hello Ms. Joni. Love the picture you've put up. Yes medicaid is determined by your income but in conjunction with being either pregnant, a single mother, disabled, or 65 years of age.

kdroberts 2011-01-20 10:08:54 -0600 Report

Pretty much. Have you tried your states high risk pool? At a really basic level, if you have been denied insurance and can't get insurance via an employer, the state runs a plan that has to accept you. But again, it probably won't be affordable in terms of monthly premium but compared to medical bills it might be.

Kaiyle 2011-01-20 10:28:51 -0600 Report

Hi Kdroberts. I actually did look into that but to qualify, you have to be without insurance for at least 6 months. The other qualifiers are, you must have been denied insurance or have cancelled insurance due to one or more pre-existing conditions. The 6 month thing ruled me out. The premiums would have been a car payment at $281 a month, but at least as not as bad as some that were quoted to me at $525 and $572.

jeffrey9127 2011-01-19 22:19:00 -0600 Report

Kaiyle, Sorry to hear that you lost your health insurance. I hope that 2014 brings health insurance for all, including people with preexisting conditions, and people with newly diagnosed illnesses. Unforfunately, I agree with kdroberts. I am sure that insurance companies will find loopholes to keep from insuring people who need medical insurance the most.

azgilamonster 2011-01-19 18:58:52 -0600 Report

I understand completly, What I can't understand is why people want to end the Obama Healthcare, I guess they have plenty of money and great insurance , I hate to say it but I can only hope they lose their insurance and see how it really is in the real world, How we can be the richest country but yet have meds/insurance bankrupt so many families. " The American Way" huh

jerrymc 2011-01-22 07:49:41 -0600 Report

we need health care reform not obama health care! it is a shame a ins co can up and cancel because of being diabetic—my self i dread 2014 i will have to go to high deductible insurance through briggs/stratton my . the last words said to us was either subject to change/or even cancel .what a shame a person has to chose between eating or medicine . at this point christians needs to pray

Kaiyle 2011-01-22 09:27:48 -0600 Report

Indeed we do need to pray. There are pros and cons on each arguing political point of this healthcare reform. I just want them to come together with those pros to form a healthcare plan that gives me options other than an astronomical health insurance premium.

jerrymc 2011-01-22 09:48:42 -0600 Report

it is sad how they brokered the health bill behind closed doors briggs stratton my place of work told us there thousands of pages to the bill corp lawyers are having work through all this. i am blessed b/s has diabetic program i am on that covers all my cost supplies/ meds but not everyone has that. but whaT will take place in 2014? lots of employers are dropping health care—paying the fine

Kaiyle 2011-01-22 10:15:03 -0600 Report

God only knows what will happen in 2014, but I trust Him that He will provide for us all, no matter the outcome.

timmer1950 2011-01-19 16:58:40 -0600 Report

Some of you may know this, I didn't . I refilled my Levamere insulin today and knew I had to pay for it because I have a 2500.00 deductible to satisfy before my health insurance will pay. 8 pens cost 407.00. Needless to say I was shocked. If I didn't have health insurance I couldn't afford to pay for it. I personally think the cost is robbery. My heart goes out to those who have no insurance.

squog master
squog master 2011-01-20 02:12:54 -0600 Report

The cost is robbery. When I lost my insurance due to a reduction in hours, I went to the pharmacy to have a script filled. It was going to cost $200. And another script they couldn't fill cause their company wouldn't let them. I had recently had knee replacement. On the way to PT a new place caught my eye. I called them and lo & behold it was our town pharmacist who had sold his private busines to a grocery store chain a few years prior. He & his staff went with the sale but he didn't like the way he, his staff & his customers were being treated. So, he opened the new place. My script there cost me $45. When I told him the other place wanted $200 he said, "They're gouging you!" Needless to say I returned to my old pharmacist.

CaliKo 2011-01-19 17:06:44 -0600 Report

Ditto. I satisfied my $3K deductible on Jan 7 with just one prescription refill (not a diabetes med). Ouch. The good news is the out of pocket maximum will be met by August or so, so the last part of the year will be easier. My heart also goes out to those without insurance. I don't know what the solution is, but our system has some bad holes in it.

CaliKo 2011-01-19 16:17:45 -0600 Report

So you had the type of insurance that you purchase on your own when you are not covered by an employers insurance policy, and they can just cancel you at will? That just makes me think that type of insurance is worthless but you don't find that out until you really need it. I think its best to be rich and self-insured, but I haven't found out how to sign up for that yet…

Kaiyle 2011-01-19 17:17:52 -0600 Report

Yes Caliko I had individual insurance coverage, and they dropped me like a hot potato. My maintaining good health and the fact that I had paid my premiums on time for years was no leverage to reverse their decision.

CaliKo 2011-01-19 17:21:09 -0600 Report

It is senseless. You are far healthier than many undiagnosed diabetics and "normal" people with unhealthy lifestyles and they wouldn't get dropped. Will you share the company name so I can be sure to avoid it?

Harlen 2011-01-19 15:18:26 -0600 Report

Look again its not to afordable
You incomp cant cancell you as long as you make your payments
It is aganst the law
Best wishes

kdroberts 2011-01-19 11:31:56 -0600 Report

The brutal fact is that individual insurance is like any other type of insurance, you can be dropped pretty much at any time for pretty much any reason. It sucks for the individual but you can't really argue with the business logic of it. With group policies, for instance through a job, you cannot be dropped for pre-existing conditions.

I would also calm you r excitement about 2014. There is no provision in the legislation right now that makes it affordable, just that you can't be denied an offer of a policy based on pre-existing conditions. I would expect an individual who invokes that clause in 2014 will be offered a choice of policy from an affordable policy with a massive deductible (maybe in the $10,000-$20,000+ range), a massively expensive policy (maybe $3000-4000 a month) and little out of pocket expense with good coverage or a reasonably affordable policy that excludes a lot of things and is very restrictive. Even though the word "affordable" is used a lot in the bill, it has no definition (like a $ amount) so it's largely a useless word as it has no real terms meaning.

None of the legislation will really make much of a difference until healthcare becomes a service rather than a business. As long as it's a business it will always be very costly for people who actually need to use it.

GabbyPA 2011-01-19 15:07:54 -0600 Report

The other most overlooked item too is that it only will guarantee coverage of pre-existing conditions for children. Not adults. There are many loopholes in that bill that will become nooses around our necks, I'm afraid.

MewElla 2011-01-19 16:20:29 -0600 Report

This is teribly sad about the loopholes …My heart goes out to so many people who get dropped through the cracks…

kdroberts 2011-01-19 15:22:16 -0600 Report

Kind of. The pre-existing condition clause covers kids now (it started with plan years starting late September last year), in 2014 it will be expanded to everyone.

Kaiyle 2011-01-19 11:57:30 -0600 Report

Thanks Kdroberts for your valuable input. You're right that the term "affordable" is used quite loosely. I'm not overly excited but hopefully optimistic that with more health insurance companies offering insurance to those with pre-existing conditions, we may stand a better chance of an "affordable" policy we can live with.

OhioPerson 2011-01-21 18:38:49 -0600 Report

2014 will bring changes but at what cost? I think we all know how diabetics are treated by insurers. The answer is to improve the state high risk pools, not foolishly spend billions of dollars.

Kaiyle 2011-01-21 19:17:07 -0600 Report

I agree that it would be very beneficial to all those who have pre existing conditions if they would invest heavily into the high risk pools so that we can be offered less than these astronomical premiums they have now.

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