OK, I'm diabetic, so now ... (An open letter to Newbies)

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There is a common theme running thru most 'Newly Diagnosed' start-ups, if not stated out-right or implied, at least inferrable from the language. Fear of what is happening followed by, perhaps even more upsetting, bewilderment over reaction(s) to the fear.

(Note to readers: Support for the above and any following contentions
is found in almost any thread on this site. Not going to waste space on
the shared obvious.)

I think most of us went on a similar emotional roller-coaster ride when we were 1st diagnosed. It's normal, it's to be expected, and it is NOTHING to feel guilty about. It's called being human and it's because we care.

We worry that we may become if not a burden, at least a bother, to our
families and friends.

We care about their feelings toward us.

We care about their possible reactions to the various social and
interpersonal circumstances that will arise.

And let's be honest. We positively anguish over the personal
sacrifice and pain we are going to suffer to mitigate these cares
and worries.

OK. This last one brings on a little selfish guilt, too.

But again, we're human and since we're being a little selfish here let's consider (rationalize ?) that maybe, …

(Wait for it)

… in the circumstance we're in, being the best 'self' we can be is the best thing we can do for ouselves and those we love.

"Great advice, Larry. You've made it all better already"

Ok, maybe a little succinct.

The best way to deal with all this? Follow the advice I got at the time — Live on this site for a day or two, or, like me, maybe the rest of your life. All of these people know what you're going thru, but more important, they can show you what you're going to be going thru in the next few days, weeks and months.

Even more importantly, they care. This is perhaps the most prevalent theme thru-out this whole site.

I've been using these angels shamelessly since last July and cannot emphasize enough the importance of knowing your feelings and emotions are not just OK but are probably, more or less, exactly what you should be going thru.

—- Just reread and am sorry if this is a little blunt. It's just that I am passionate (obsessive?) about the guilt trip and how much energy is wasted (I wasted) trying to 'not go there' —-

Go ahead, go there, it's OK to be human. Rave, rant, cry, do whatever your vent is.

Then come here and see what being human is really all about, why it's OK and, most importantly, why it's do-able.

These guys will prove it to you. I speak from experience.


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roshy 2011-01-22 12:01:03 -0600 Report

right!! pass the tissues please!!!!

on a serious note though i realy do think sites like these help alot! sometimes talking to family members is harder then it should be, esp when your talking about something so personal like your fears about your health!!!

and it also gives the oppertunity to swap ideas and opinons!! so weldone to all of you who take the time out to post up comments and blogs! your doing our community a grand service!!!!

Dr Gary
Dr GaryCA 2011-01-20 16:15:30 -0600 Report


I am always talking about the importance of experiencing your emotions -- all of them! -- that come up when you learn about a medical diagnosis. The feelings are there, let them out. I worry most about people who say they don't have any feelings about their diagnosis -- they must be holding a lot inside.

And don't beat up on yourself. Life happens, life goes on.

But you said it much better than I do.

You are in the right place here on Diabetic Connect.

My best to you! Stay in touch with us!


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