what is going on?

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I feel really weird about my numbers. My doc says my numbers are really high and I'm a ticking time bomb cause my A1C is 13.5. But I don't feel different and I have no neuropathy, no eye problems, and my kidneys are good. I was diagnosed type 2 in 2007 A1C has fluctuated between 10 and 13.5 since being diagnosed. Is there something I'm missing? Also to add I lost 115 lbs. since being diagnosed, still overweight but it is slowly coming off.

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MewElla 2011-01-20 09:14:42 -0600 Report

Congratulations on your weight loss of 115 lbs. Extremely important to get your A1C down before complications set in. Dr's have seen all of this before, so take heed and Good Luck to you.

kdroberts 2011-01-20 09:07:38 -0600 Report

This isn't meant to upset or scare but is just honest truth.

Things like neuropathy, eye problems, kidney problems, heart attacks, strokes, teeth problems, etc don't come on right away but with numbers that high they will come and probably very suddenly and multiple at the same time. The problem is that it's like a house of cards. Something as simple as a cut may not heal correctly because of your blood sugar and get infected which can lead to way too much stress on your body and cause a stroke which makes it very hard to treat anything. It isn't uncommon for people with high blood sugar for a long time to feel healthy one day and the next go into hospital only to come out several weeks later with a missing body part, a recent heart attack, a slew of new medications and life or death restrictions on food and lifestyle.

If you believe the estimated average glucose charts your A1c range means your average blood sugar is in the 240-340 range. That will be causing irreversible organ damage 24/7/365. The problem you face now is that you have 3-4 years worth of damage that will not go away so even if you get your blood sugar into good range today you will still need to be prepared for issues in the future. If you don't get your numbers into a better range you should be prepared for complications within the next few years. Have a look at this video, they interview people who are in similar situations to you but who have developed severe complications. Every person with severe complications I've ever seen interviewed or talk about them say the same thing. "I thought I was fine until this happened. Take care of your diabetes before you get to this point."


CaliKo 2011-01-19 17:02:09 -0600 Report

Congrats on the weight loss, but you still need to get your numbers down. It's good you don't have complications yet, but they will come if your numbers stay that high. Please do as the others say and work with your doctors to get the numbers down. You can't reverse some of the serious damage this disease causes once it happens. Good luck.

realsis77 2011-01-19 07:37:30 -0600 Report

Hi. You need to make sure to get your numbers down. Follow your treatment plan. Are you on insulin? When I started taking my insulins I felt sooo much better! Problem is this disease can be a silent killer. Your warning signs are your high numbers and its time to consider another course of treatment before its too late, I can't stress this enough! I suffered with extremely high numbers before I started my insulin treatments.id seriously discuss my next options with my doctor! Frankly I'm surprised your doctor hasn't sugested a plan for you to lower your blood gluclose! Sometimes diet alone just isn't enough. Also sometimes pills just don't work. This was my case. Id make an appointment and discuss with my doctor my options to lower the bg levels! This is sooo important! If he's not sugesting insulin id bring it up to him on my own. You must get your numbers under control or it will be too late.its very important to work closely with your doc until you have a working treatment plan!id make an appointment immeditaly! Let your doc know you are interested in getting help in lowering your blood gluclose.perhaps sugest insulin and follow through with your treatments before its too late! I wish you the very best and urge you to start a treatment plan with your doc. If your doc is not willing to sugest a treatment plan that works get a new doc! Its that important!best of luck to you! Make that appointment soon! Please don't continue to run this high! You need a treatment plan that works!

jayabee52 2011-01-19 06:07:50 -0600 Report

You wrote: "Is there something I'm missing? " Well, you're missing neuropathy, eye problems, Kidney problems. When I was first Dx'd I felt fine, which led me to not take my diabetes very seriously. I went into denial. After a while I started having complications, but by then it was too late.

Please get your diabetes under control as good as you can, as soon as you can. Perhaps you can miss those problems for life, or at least postpone them for a good long time.

Your 115 lb weight drop is WONDERFUL, please keep losing. But if you're not on diabetes medications (you gave no indication of your diabetic control regimen), perhaps you could for a time go on meds, or change meds to get it under control quicker. If you get it under control, you can consult with your Dr and perhaps try to control it with diet & exercise and see how it goes once your diabetic #s are under better control.

Blessings to you and yours


Harlen 2011-01-18 23:46:23 -0600 Report

Hello and welcome
It will not help a lot to lose the lbs You are a diabetic you will need meds if not your Doc is right I didnt feel any difrent iether just a little grumpy.
You will feel it when you start getting your #s inline I was feelling it much more then when I was high.
I lost my mom to her not taking care of her D and when it came it came fast and she was gone.
This can kill you its not a game. by the time you feel it it may be to late?
You are the only you there is and your worth saving .
So step up and take care of your self.
Best wishes

re1ndeer 2011-01-18 22:54:05 -0600 Report

Are you on any medications or insulin? You might be eating the wrong type of foods for your numbers to be that high. It's good that you are losing weight that helps a great deal . You might want to have a serious talk with your doctor and maybe he/she can send you to see a diabetes certified instructor who could help you with your problems. Good luck to you.