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Ok, so im type 1 diabetic and i am enrolled in karate and its demonstration team and im tired of being the weakling in the sparring division so i want to start working out and getting in top athletic shape however i got some problems…

First i like taking five hour energy and its good stuff and it works but i find it makes my heart rush a little and it scares me. **So am i ok taking those or should i switch to something like GU energy gels and rocatane gels?**

Second, how do i use protein in my workout Ive tried protein bar and i have yet to use Muscle Milk. But like i took a protein bar yesterday dosed for and had powerade (32 oz of it) dosed for and as i ran i kept my pump on and i kept a dex 4 glucose shot with me. so, **how do i user protein? recover or do i use it before hand?**

I would love to have some guidance about working out in all aspects too (weight lifting and endurance boosting) either by user or by online article.

Thank you in Advance, EzBG

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Aaron1977 2011-01-17 20:40:23 -0600 Report

I typically use protein bars and shakes after my workouts to help recover. I like Muscle Milk Light (shakes) and Pure Protein (bars). Be careful with which ones you choose because many of the protein supplements contain a lot of sugar. These two brands seem to have the least carbs. Notice the "Light" after Muscle Milk - the regular MM has lots of sugar.

I try to start my workouts at or above 150 but never workout if above 250. I will have a bolus and wait 30 minutes before working out. Water is best to drink during workouts unless you feel like you are going low. I usually have a bottle of gatorade or powerade handy to solve that problem - sounds like you are already on top of that.

I've had type 1 for 27 years now - but one thing I didn't know until recently is that dehydration can sometimes raise blood sugar levels. So drink lots of water. I did karate many years ago and loved it. Good luck with it!

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