A toast to friends and the support network on DC

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Today is Sankranti, a festival marking the northward movement of the sun. More importantly today is the day when we share sweets made of sesame and jaggery with family, friends, neighbors and everybody. When we give sweets we say ‘Tilgul ghya god bola’ – it is an invitation or a wish to have the same sweetness in conversation with that person. On Sankranti we renew friendships and try to patch up with relations gone sour.

I thought I will take this opportunity to say a big Thank You to all the people on DC. I wish the sweetness in conversations grows (but not in BG), and that we keep supporting each other like we always do. :)

Happy Sankranti!

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Dev 2011-01-16 11:11:27 -0600 Report

Thanks Harlen, James and MewElla :)
We stayed away from sweets yesterday, and had a nice Indian dinner with friends instead. talked with family back home. overall a very well spent day.

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