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I have been diabetic for about 9 years now. My last well say several I have complaimed that I do not feel the combo of meds and insulin are not working correctly. Finally in dec 2010 my doc sent me to a diabetic assessment team. We tried Actos with much and many failures and side effects. I am now on a injected drug called Symlin and I love it! It controls your apptite(I know I spelled this wrong) and has helped me greatly. Since I stated working with "the team" my A1C has went from an 11.8 to a 10.2 so far. My doc put me on lipitor alothough EXPENSIVE works well. My cholestrol is all in the normal range. Today was the first day in a VERY looooooong time that my morning sugar was under 200…was 163 this am and have not had a sugar over 170 today and I am sooooo excited and happy!!!

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PetiePal 2011-01-17 13:04:53 -0600 Report

My father takes Symlin and he's down to a 6.1 A1c which is excellent for him. Lowest he's every been and it seems to work excellent for him! Glad it works well for you too!

MewElla 2011-01-16 14:13:36 -0600 Report

This is great that you can see a big change in your numbers. For all of us, this is really big, exciting news to lower #'s. Almost could say, we live for the good days. I pray this is a new and healthier year for us all. God Bless you and yours.

tabby9146 2011-01-16 11:43:16 -0600 Report

that's great! Glad it is working. I hope it only continues to improve. That is so scary to me, when BS goes so high and gets all crazy. I have yet to experience that but I know I will someday and I just fear that.

mkhojh99 2011-01-16 13:51:16 -0600 Report

thanks…2010 was a very rough hard year for my family…so far 2011 is better but we still have some hurdles to cross…

kyoungMN 2011-01-14 22:43:25 -0600 Report

I belong to a site, Calorie King (was recommended by my Endo.) and besides being able to track your calories, it has a great food database that you can track carbs too. I use this and it helps greatly with knowing what I'm eating at every meal. check it out, www.calorieking.com Drugs can help, but what you put in your mouth makes your blood sugars move.

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