Do you have lipoatrophic diabetes?

By Julie458 Latest Reply 2011-01-25 08:46:34 -0600
Started 2011-01-14 10:11:58 -0600

I do & I don't know anyone else who even has diabetes period. I'm the only one in my family w/this & thankfully my girls do not have this either. I was told in the beginning its non-hereditary. So far so good! Just wondering if others like me face the same day to day struggles & if you have the other health issues i have: high chol, high tryg, psoriatic arthritis, full hysterectomy, a metabolism that would make Superman jealous!…

It seems never ending w/meds. As of today, I take only my insulin, prescription fish oil & Tricor. All my other meds I gave up bcuz I kept getting headaches.

Enjoy your day!

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Julie458 2011-01-21 09:21:10 -0600 Report

started walks yesterday w/our 2 Shelties. Apparently after a visit to the vet, one is overweight & the other on his way! I'm shooting for 3 times a day!

GabbyPA 2011-01-21 10:05:45 -0600 Report

I walk my dog once a day for at least 45 min. We enjoy it and she never lets me forget. Your puppies will love you for the attention.

Anonymous 2011-01-15 17:00:22 -0600 Report

Hi Jule, I totally know how you feel. I am in a wheelchair from an auto accident and am a insulin dependent. Hard to get the weight off when all you do is sit in a chair or lie in your bed. .

Julie458 2011-01-15 17:28:01 -0600 Report

Sorry to hear! Was the accident recent? I'm not too familiar w/activities or exercises for someone in a wheelchair. I guess it depends on the limits of that person. Just asked my 12 y/o what she thought. She suggested twisting side to side, same as standing w/stick on your shoulders & holding w/hands. ?? a kid's perspective.. may work though! I also told her I didn't know your limitations & whatnot. Is your back well enough for situps or stretching?? sorry, I'm of no help! =)

naunny 2011-01-15 22:32:45 -0600 Report

I have some tapes that have people sitting in chairs and in wheelchairs exercising that I try and do but I get tired easy.

jayabee52 2011-01-16 09:16:59 -0600 Report

Just be patient and slowly increase your time. Eventually it will take longer for you to get tired from the exercise.

jayabee52 2011-01-14 14:57:21 -0600 Report

Howdy Julie!

I, like Gabby had not heard of this before. I tried to check out gabby's link, but it won't load. Says there's a bad connection.

I did do a search engine search & everything I got related to MS (multiple schlerosis).

The way you spelled it is interesting. There are several, related terms to lipoatrophy l the rough meaning of the term lithoatrophy = "lipo" having to do with fat, and "atrophy" = wasting away of. From what I read it was a dimple like impression at injection meds sites.

I finally found an entry or 2 for lithoatrophic diabetes here:, and the one gabby posted here:

Julie458 2011-01-15 17:19:52 -0600 Report

no dimple like stuff happening! haha! but it does have to do w/metabolism, low body fat, in females: missed menst. cycles, thicker trunk (muscular), etc. I don't have a problem w/weight. I often get asked if I lift weights. Just happened at lunch today! the guy asked about my arms. I just think it's funny how often I'm asked if I work out. Nope. No time anyway! I just need to get my BS down asap bcuz it's causing my chol & trygl to be sky high. Problem is metabolism is too fast! I eat then half an hour later, I'm starving!

GabbyPA 2011-01-14 10:27:04 -0600 Report

I had never heard of this kind before. I did some reading on it. Now, I did read that it can be hereditary. Not to conflict with the doctor, but I would look into it some more and see if there is a way to test the girls for it.

Julie458 2011-01-14 11:10:14 -0600 Report

I was first seen at the Mayo Clinic & that's what I was told. It's brought on by a sudden jolt/accident to the body and you're blessed w/this 4-5 yrs later. That's exactly what happened in my case. I was 17 & in a car accident. The mos. following my body was doing some crazy things. For the next 4 yrs, I saw drs from NJ, PA & NY and no one ever diagnosed me until I saw a dr at the New York Eye & Ear Infirmary. From there I came to AZ and met w/an endo dr at Mayo Clinic. There's other things that go along w/having this type. Most of it happened.

GabbyPA 2011-01-17 12:27:06 -0600 Report

I wish I could be of more help. I know you don't look like you need exercise, but exercise does help with glucose absorption into your muscles for energy. It's great for reducing your numbers. But ask you doctor first.