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By bizzach Latest Reply 2011-01-22 21:28:54 -0600
Started 2011-01-13 12:04:18 -0600

I have had surgery twice in 10 weeks and just cant heal, i am now hooked to a wound vac and a nurse comes three times a week to change the vac and pack the wound which is 8cm deep and 5cm wide. I am healing slowly partially due to diabetes and partially due to the fact that i got a bad infection. I am extremely frustrated being home bound and they said it will be 6 to 8 weeks until it will heal FRUSTRATING.

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Graylin Bee
Graylin Bee 2011-01-22 21:28:54 -0600 Report

I bcame a suduko master last year with so much confined to bed time. Patience is so very hard when you are looking at a long healing time. Count any progress as a major victory.

bizzach 2011-01-21 17:50:25 -0600 Report

It has now been 2 weeks and it looks like its going to be about 8 to 10 more i am not doing so well mentally my BGs are off the hook even when i dont eat. I am letting this get the best of me but trying to be optimistic but it is hard, im so tired of being bed ridden,i have crying spells for no reason, good news the wound is 6.8 deep and 4.5 wide.

ivonalvarez 2011-01-18 23:10:17 -0600 Report

Hi bizzach I know what you mean. I had a surgery on Now 30 its now Jan 18 and it still has not healed on the inside because of my T2 but all I can do is take it easy and take care of myself. Dont worry you will heal soon just make sure you keep testing your BL.

PetiePal 2011-01-18 10:04:54 -0600 Report

Hang in there! Spend some extra time on this site or catch up on some great movies and you'll be back to good in no time!

squog master
squog master 2011-01-16 12:42:26 -0600 Report

Also make sure you are getting plenty of protein. In the hospital they discovered I was lacking enough in my body. That was also a long process for me. See my reply to jayabee52 has to why that was. But once my protein level rose the healing got quicker.

squog master
squog master 2011-01-15 23:15:23 -0600 Report

I've had the same experience. 18 months ago I had emergency hernia surgery. The wound spread open & got infected. It was 1/2 the length of my belly maybe 10" long, 6" wide, & as deep as the Grand Canyon. I was in a rehab center on a wound vac for 8 months. Months not weeks. Unfortunately these wounds have to heal from the inside out. Besides having diabetes, I'm on prednisone for RA so that has made the healing process even slower for me. I still have an open wound, about the size of a nickle, but at least no wound vac. It has been VERY frustrating. It was much harder to be patient with myself than with all the kids I worked with. I knew I was in God's hands & he's been seeing me through this whole ordeal. When I could finally drive again it was heaven.

jayabee52 2011-01-16 09:00:43 -0600 Report

Boy that's tiough. Tough to keep BG#s in check when on prednisone.

My bride also had RA, and had Lupis (SLE) on top of it.

squog master
squog master 2011-01-16 12:36:49 -0600 Report

Surprisingly my numbers are & were in check most of the time. While in the rehab center I was down to 5mg of prednisone. but if the asthma kicked in & I had to take more they gave me insulin. I think that only happened 2-3x. After I came home & got strength back as I started doing more for myself the RA got aggrievated & I've been on 20mg. My RA doc added naproxen in the fall & just added methotrexated back into the mix. We're hoping w/these I can lower the predisone back to 5mg. That's where I was before the surgery. I was very fatigued for a few months before the hernia, docs said I was slightly anemic. we haven't figured out why, but while in the hospital they discoverd I had very low protein in my body. Which was also strange because I know I was getting a good amount of protein in my diet. Getting my protein level up was a slow long process. I had a reaction to the anesthesia. It was like my saliva glands were working backwards. I could have the most succulent piece of meat & after 2 chews it & my mouth were so dry I had to sip water to get the rest down. I couldn't drink any of the protein drinks they wanted me to because they all had maltitol in them & that gives me severe stomach cramps. When that finally subsided & I could eat more protein I started healing a little faster. Finally since my diabetic #s were so good the doc in the rehab center had me drink regular ensure 2x a day for the last 2 months I was in there to also bring up my protein level. Since getting out I've been on a high protein diet. Since I could start getting more of my protein through my food I was able to stop the Ensure. I just had a thought. I should tell bizzach about getting enough protein.

kyoungMN 2011-01-14 21:53:10 -0600 Report

Sometimes when you can keep your BG levels in check, you will heal faster. watch those carefully!

GabbyPA 2011-01-13 21:30:48 -0600 Report

Sounds like you need to take up some indoor hobbies. Try not to focus on being stuck inside, but look at what you can do while you're in there. My husband was just bed ridden for nearly 3 months. That was crazy, but we found him some things to do. Hard, because he doesn't like reading....so we had to keep him engaged and part of the family from the bedroom.