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Hello to all.
Im wondering if a pump is a good thing for a person like me that forgets to inject myself? Does it hurt? Will medicaid insurance cover the cost? What exactly does that pump do? Is the pump something I was told that they put the pump in you and it dispenses the insulin inside of you when its needed on its own. Can someone talk to me about this pump or tell me where I can get information? I asked my Dr about the pump but she said " you dont want that" How will I know that I dont want that if I dont even know what a pump is..

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kdroberts 2011-01-15 08:48:25 -0600 Report

If you forget to give yourself shots a pump won't help since you still have to tell it to dispense insulin when eating. They also need some work to set up and get trained on. Medicaid will cover them but its very hard to do it.

kyoungMN 2011-01-14 21:38:06 -0600 Report

I just started using an Animas Ping pump. It's fantastic. IT DOES NOT HURT. In fact, inserting the inset hurts less than a regular shot. You control what the pump puts into you, but it injects automatically the minimum (basal) that you need and you add the extra needed for food or high BG (bolus.) If your Dr. tells you "You don't want that," you should have asked why… Being on the pump does require you to pay attention to your blood glucose numbers and you have to test often. You need to be able to count carbs acurately. Talk to your doctor or call a pump company and most will tell you all you need to know. Most of the websites have a ton of info on them and that may answer your questions. www.animas.com www.minimed.com www.omnipod.com are some that come to mind.

tafowler 2011-01-13 22:10:25 -0600 Report

I have been a diabetic for 31 years, since I was 5 my body is insulin resistant so I am on a pump and have been for two years, yes medicaid does cover it but you must prove that it's cheaper on them to buy it rather than you getting sick all the time. It doesn't hurt you use kind of like a butterfly catheter needle and change it every 3 days rather than injecting all the time. If you're really interested go to minimed.com and check out their pumps it will guide you through a video on how it works and they will even send you out reading material. If you prefer ti speak to someone call them at 800-646-4633. Good luck

GabbyPA 2011-01-13 21:34:24 -0600 Report

Here are a bunch of discussions on the pumps. There are all kinds and some that members like better than others. http://www.diabeticconnect.com/discussions?query=pump&by=relevancy

Read through some of those and then you can start to look into a more specific one and find out if it is covered and talk to your doctor with information to back up your desire. Don't let them discourage you if it is something that you see a benefit in.

ivonalvarez 2011-01-14 05:49:10 -0600 Report

Thank you Gabby you are always there for me. I hope and pray that God blesses you in a unique way. I love comming to the community everyone here is such a big help to me and so comforting. I feel better when im here. Thank you to everyone God blessed me by sending me to this site.

GabbyPA 2011-01-14 10:02:17 -0600 Report

You are so sweet, thank you. I am like you and feel better when I am here. There are so many great people here who are able to help. I love it and I am glad that you are feeling so good on the site.

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